My story
chapter 19

I leaned back into the couch.  My dick pointed straight up at Lisa, like it was drawn by a magnetic force.

I motioned with my finger for her to spin around.  With both hands in her hair, she slowly turned around, displaying her gorgeous ass to me.

"Mmm", I smiled as I gave her cheeks a playful but firm slap.

They rippled on impact as the loud crack echoed off the walls.  She laughed.  Jesus, her butt was perfect.  I squeezed them and spread them apart gently.  I looked at her untouched anus.  Where no man has ever gone.  Would I be the first to explore this forbidden temple?  I’ve never had anal sex before but if I was to ever do it, Lisa would be the one I would share the experience with.

She turned around to face me.  I looked up at her gigantic tits.  She smiled and juggled them for me, cascading them off her body.

"Oh", I whispered, as I reached for her waist.

She brushed my hands off and slowly knelt down onto the cushion, my dick inches from her face.  This was it.  The anticipation was incredible.  I waited for this all week.  The reality was always better than the fantasy.

"Have you been dreaming of this?", she asked shyly.

I nodded.  She could read my mind, knew exactly what I wanted.

Smiling, she gripped my rock hard cock with her left hand.  I moaned.  Her touch was electric.  I watched her hand go up and down my shaft, rolling back the skin.  She tilted her head, looking into the opening of my dick.  She probably wondered how much I would come for her.  I wouldn’t tell her, I would show her.


She began to fondle my balls with her right hand, while still tugging my penis with her left hand.  She was good at this.  Lots of practice or just a natural?

I felt my cock grow larger and harder, flexing my muscle.  I wanted to be as big as I could for Lisa.  I had to show her the man I was.  The man that could be there for her emotionally, physically, and sexually.

"Oh", she whispered, visibly impressed.

She now had both hands on my shaft.  Her fingers locked together, forming an unbreakable hold on me.  Like I would ever want to escape her grip.  She squeezed me hard, causing me to ooze out some pre-cum.

"Mmm", she smiled as she gently licked it off my tip.

It was just the appetizer.  If she liked my pre-cum that much, she would love my cum.  She would taste lots of it tonight.  I don’t know if she’s ever tasted semen before, but I would make sure she enjoyed mine.  I would eat whatever it was that would make my cum taste great for Lisa.  Sex was only good when both sides enjoyed it.

She continued to stroke me, massage me, rub me.  Like Demi Moore in the pottery scene from Ghost, she used her sensual hands to create immense beauty.  I was already so hot and she hadn’t even put me in her mouth yet. 

She seemed to have read my mind again as she leaned forward and slowly wrapped her lips around my meat.  She wanted my dick, I wanted her mouth.

I groaned.  The moist feeling of her warm mouth sent tingles throughout my body.  She rotated her head, allowing me to feel every part of her mouth.  Her cheeks caved in, sucking me.

She looked beautiful like this.  Cheekbones visible, eyes focused on me, my penis in her mouth.  I wanted to film this.  To capture every moment of her sensual blowjob.  I could watch it on days we couldn’t get together.

"Lisa, I love you".

What this woman did to pleasure me was amazing.  She took me out and licked the entire length of my penis, from base to tip.  She put her juicy lips on the head of my cock.  Her Angelina Jolie lips.  So this is what it felt to be Brad Pitt.  She brushed back her hair, letting me see those eyes.  The windows to her soul.  What was she thinking with me in her mouth?

I’ve had plenty of women in my lifetime and Lisa was by far the best fuck.  Better than any model I’ve been with.  Even better than Susan who was as good as they come.

"Mmm", she smiled as she put me back in her mouth.

She put her hands on my legs, leaning on me as I plunged deeper into her mouth.  I went all the way to her throat, testing her gag reflex.  She had none.  Excellent.  I could fuck her in the mouth and shoot my load straight down her throat if she didn’t like the taste.

My hands ran over her silky hair as she blew me.  It shimmered through my fingers like a fine liquid.  I wanted her to swallow.  It would mean the world to me.  I needed to have a part of me in her, even when I wasn’t with her.  I had to be close to her, even when we were far apart.

I watched her bob up and down on my cock.  She sensed me watching so she looked up and smiled with me in her mouth, the edge of her lips opening slightly.


This felt so good.  To have my dick in the mouth of the woman I love was exhilarating.  The tip was the most sensitive and Lisa knew it.  I felt her tongue massaging it, driving me crazy.

Her saliva was the perfect lubricant.  She knew exactly how much to apply on my cock.  Not too little or it would have no effect.  Not too much or it would get runny.  Coated my dick as it prepared to explore her mouth.

Lisa blew on the tip of my dick, drying her saliva, creating a wonderful, cooling sensation.  I’ve never experienced that before.  Everything she did to me was erotic.  God, I loved her so much.  She did all this just to satisfy me.

When other women gave me oral sex, I had to hold their heads and brush away their hair.  I had to guide them and it felt like I was fucking their mouths.  But with Lisa it was different.  She knew every inch of me.  She knew where to lick, where to kiss, where to suck.  I just had to sit back and enjoy the experience.  There was no effort on my end.  That’s what separated her from other women.

She stroked and sucked me.  Not showing any signs of fatigue.  Most women couldn’t give head for a long time because the constant movements put a strain on their necks and jaws.  But Lisa wasn’t like most women.  She could probably blow me for hours.

Her pouty lips were an amazing color.  She didn’t have any lipstick on or it would have spread all over my penis.  I loved her lips.  Both sets of them.  Her hair bounced with each movement of her head.  I smiled.  She blew me with so much passion, like she was making love to my penis with her mouth.

I brushed back her hair as it started to cover her face.  I needed to stare at her gorgeous face while she pleasured me.  It was empowering.  She closed her eyes, savoring my taste, my flavor.

"You’re beautiful, Lisa", I told her.

"Mmm", she replied, trying not to talk with her mouth full.

She smiled.  She was enjoying this.  Enjoyed driving me over the edge.  Enjoyed having my cock all to herself.

There’s nothing better than this.  On a cold winter night with the most beautiful woman on earth giving me a blowjob.  I knew it had only just begun.  We hadn’t gotten to her bedroom yet.  That’s where the real magic would happen.

What lottery did I win to get Lisa?  She was the jackpot.

I slowly caressed her hair as she rubbed my testicles in her fingers.  We stared at each other.  There was no need to talk, we knew exactly what the other was thinking.  I knew she was trying to give me the most exciting blowjob I’ve ever had and so far she was succeeding.

Fellatio was incredibly sensual, incredibly intimate.  Lisa wouldn’t do this for just any man.  She did it for me because she knew how much I wanted it.  She knew how much it meant to me.  I didn’t have to ask, she just knew.

I could sense my orgasm approaching and so could Lisa.  Was it a change in my penis or breathing pattern that gave it away?  What else could it be?  How did she know?

I sat up straight and shuffled forward slightly on the couch.  I nodded, she smiled.  We were both on the same page now.

"Baby", she whispered as she pulled at my cock.  "You gonna come for me?"


I don’t think she heard me as she forcefully stuffed me back into her mouth till the tip touched her throat again.

"Oh", I moaned.

It felt great but was it hurting her?  I put a hand on each side of her head and pushed her back slightly.  She grabbed my hands and pinned them down on the couch.  She wanted me to feel her throat, to feel how much she loved me.

I could feel my heart almost bursting out of my chest.  I wiped the sweat off my forehead.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  The lines between reality and fantasy started to blur as my dick readied for the big release.


I was almost there.  She took me out and started jacking me off.  Her soft, feminine hands moving swiftly up and down my manhood.  My fate was in her hands.  I was hoping she would let me come in her mouth, I was praying she would swallow.

"Where do you wanna come?", she asked, tugging at my cock.  "In my mouth?"

I nodded.

She smiled seductively.  Some guys like coming on the face or tits or whatever but I liked coming in the mouth.  I wanted women to taste me, especially the woman I loved.

With both hands on my shaft, she stroked me quickly.  Her hands twisted slightly as they reached the top, then they would fall down and start again at the base.  Like the pistons of an engine, this cycle repeated again and again.  I was glad I didn’t masturbate during the week.  I wanted Lisa to have all my cum, she would be the last woman I would come to.

She smiled as she pulled my cock, testing my manhood, daring me to come.  If I did, it would have gone all over her face.  I looked at her perfect face.  I wanted to but couldn’t ejaculate on it.  It was too beautiful.  I didn’t see her as a sex object, but as the woman I loved.

Like a kinky game of chicken, neither of us were giving in.  I was trying to delay my orgasm but she was too convincing.  There was no way my dick could outlast her hands.  I used my groin muscles to try and hold it in but it was useless.  I had no more strength to contain it.  Lisa had me where she wanted.

I stared at her and she stared right back.  Her eyes did it for me.  Not her tits, not her ass, not her pussy.  Always her eyes.  I would always look into them as I climaxed.  That’s why I liked to fuck her face to face.

Hands moving furiously over my penis, she raised an eyebrow.  I nodded.  There was no time for words.  I was ready.  Oh God, I was ready.

She quickly put me back inside her mouth, tilted her head back slightly, and prepared for the gush of semen.

My mind went numb.  A million thoughts went through my head.  Where was I?  Who’s house was this?  Lisa was here with me.  Only she mattered.  She made sure I was focused on her.

My sperm on the verge of bursting out.  Ready to dive into her glorious mouth, swim on her elegant tongue.  No more holding back.  Almost there.

I watched her hands move along my dick.  As fast as a blur but I could see them clearly, as if my senses were heightened in this moment of ecstasy.  Ten more of her glorious strokes and I would let her have it.











The first cumshot fired.  I don’t know where it hit because her lips were closed around my cock.  I called out her name.  I looked her dead in the eye as the fresh cum transferred from my penis to her mouth.

After a few more strokes of my cock, I launched my second cumshot into her.  She moaned a bit as the thick rope hit the back of her mouth, giving me even more pleasure.

Her lips formed a tight seal around my shaft, ensuring all the semen would end up inside her. 


My penis was on fire and the only way to cool it was to wet it with her moist tongue.  I felt her juicy tongue on the tip of my dick, welcoming my swimmers.  I leaned forward slightly and with my penis head against the roof of her mouth, I squirted again.

Lisa turned her head to her left and pulled me into her left cheek.  With her left hand jerking me off, she used her right hand to squeeze my balls.  I came with such force into her cheek, I saw her face ripple from the outside.

"Oh", I cried.

She turned to her right and did the same with her right cheek.  This time, the cumshot wasn’t as intense as the last.  Lisa noticed it too.

I had one more shot, better make it good.  I conjured as much semen as I could from my balls and prepared to unleash it into her.  She started to furiously pull at my cock, almost tearing it off.

"Lisa", I called out, trying to slow her down.

But she didn’t listen.  In fact, she tightened her grip on me and with both hands, tugged at my shaft even faster.  It was borderline assault.  But I couldn’t complain.  It was painful but incredibly enjoyable.  Having a woman bringing me to a climax with her hands was one of the most erotic sensations.

Her hair was covering her face but with one swift motion of her arm, it was clear again.  Her eyes were visible again.  I saw the love in them, the intensity, the passion.  All of this for me.

Just one more time.

I ejaculated for her.  The most powerful one yet.  The kind of cumshot that makes me feel like a real man.

My body spasmed.  My legs trembled.  My toes curled.  But Lisa remained calm, milking my cum into her mouth.  Didn’t flinch or anything.  And smiling as she did it.  Happy that she had conquered me.  Pleased that she had the ability to make me come.

"Mmm", she moaned with my cock still creaming into her mouth.

I emptied my load into her and thrusted a few more times but nothing more came out.  That was it.  I thought it was over.

But Lisa wanted more.  She wasn’t satisfied yet.  Like trying to get out the last bit of toothpaste from the end of the tube, she squeezed and massaged me with her fingers.  She wouldn’t let me go until she got what she wanted.

As I felt that last bit of semen making its way to the tip, Lisa opened her mouth and let me watch that last drop of cum fall gracefully on her now white tongue.

Her mouth was filled with my sperm.  It blended in with her pearly, white teeth.  My cum wasn’t the clear, runny kind.  It was the thick, creamy type.  So white you could probably see it in the dark.

I pulled my dick out completely and intently watched what she would do next.  I glanced at her open mouth and back to her gorgeous eyes.  They sparkled, signalling to me that she would do it.  Do what I wanted.

She closed her mouth, swallowed once.  Moved her tongue around, thoroughly cleaning the walls, and swallowed again.  She opened her mouth again, this time wider.  Turned and tilted her head so I could see inside.  All the evidence was gone.  Every last drop.  Like it had never occurred.  But we knew better, only Lisa and I knew what happened.  She drank me like a fine white wine.  If she didn’t like the taste, she certainly didn’t show it.

I sat back and exhaled.  I just experienced a Lisa blowjob.  The first of many.  She could see I was impressed.  She giggled girlishly, gently stroking my penis. 

"How was that?", she asked, like she didn’t already know.

"That", I said as I petted her head.  "Is something I could get used to".

She smiled.  She knew I was already thinking long term with her.  After this weekend, the decision would be easy for both of us.

"You’re so beautiful", I said to her.

She smiled again and pretended to hide behind my cock.  I laughed.  I played with a few, loose strands of her hair, putting them back into place.

I didn’t have to say it, she knew it.  But I told her anyways.

"I love you, Lisa".

"I love you too, baby".

She softly kissed the head of my dick, as if apologizing for ravaging it earlier.  Licked my shaft once and put me back in her mouth, twirled her tongue around my still hard cock.  She gazed up at me, locking her eyes onto mine.  I got the message.

My penis belonged to her, I belonged to her.

I leaned back on my throne and breathed out.  Looked down at my queen who now had closed her eyes but was still unwilling to release my cock.

I truly am the king.

chapter 18

I had to wait a week before seeing Lisa again.

On the morning after our first night together, she left.  Back to Philadelphia.  Before leaving, she invited me to sleepover at her place next weekend.

It was the most excruciating week of my life.  I thought of her day and night.  At the office, during meetings, at the gym, in my dreams.  Several times, I felt the urge to reach inside my pants and rub one out.  Or jerk off in the shower to her.  But I always resisted.  It would be like betraying her.

That first night we both climaxed nine times.  Each time, we came together.  Every time, I ejaculated in her.  I felt like I lost five pounds and she gained five pounds.  It was incredible but there was still so much I wanted to do with her.  I wanted to place my cock between her tits and have her squeeze me.  I wanted to have her squirt on my tongue.  I wanted to come in her mouth and watch her swallow my load.

Today was Friday.

TGIF indeed.  I planned to leave at four.  I took an hour of PTO to get off early and avoid the traffic.  I felt like a high school kid again, glancing at the clock every few seconds, willing the hands to move faster.  Friday afternoon, the maximum amount of time before school would start again.


Fuck that, I’m leaving.  I went into my boss’s office to tell him I was on my way out, told my assistant to take messages for my calls, packed my laptop, and I was free.  Of course, I was never really free.  My BlackBerry would constantly alert me with new messages, like a wireless leash that was tied to the office.

I got home, showered, and packed.  Went downstairs, took a cab to Penn Station and boarded the train to Philly.  I wanted to drive to Lisa’s house but given the early February weather and traffic, I decided to take the train.

I got to Philadelphia in about ninety minutes.  I took a cab to her address which was somewhere in the suburbs and that took another forty minutes.

Jesus, this was taking forever but it was worth it.  I would do it everyday if I had to.  To get to that sweet ass, those gigantic breasts, and her gorgeous face which made me hard in an instant.

I looked out the window from the cab.  Good sized houses, middle to upper class families, some Christmas lights still up, a school, parks.  Nice neighborhood.  What was Lisa doing here?  She should get a job in New York, move in with me.  That would be perfect.

We pulled into her driveway at about 7:15.  A nice two story house.  Kind of old looking and covered in snow.  I paid the driver, got my luggage from the trunk, and headed to the door.  I looked down at the mat.


I rang the bell.  A few seconds passed and she opened the door.  I felt a wave of warm air from inside.  The smell of dinner made me salivate.  I was starving.  More for Lisa than anything.

She jumped into my arms and I lifted her off her feet.  We hugged and kissed, right there on the cold porch.  She had her hair in a ponytail and no makeup on.  Dressed down.  I liked it.  A tight, gray hoodie that was zipped up to the top.  I could see her shapely breasts underneath.  A green pair of short shorts did its best to cover her beautiful ass cheeks.  Her bare thighs looked so delicious.  Plain white socks.

"Lisa", I called as I breathed in her scent.

"I missed you", she replied.

I put her down, brought in my suitcase, and closed the door. 

As soon as I locked the door, Lisa spun me around and jumped on me again.  Caught me off guard a bit.  I held her as we kissed passionately with lots of tongue.

I wanted her so bad.

I put her down and pinned her against the wall.  Kissing her deeply while running my hands down her ass and legs.  I grabbed a handful of her cheeks eliciting a moan.

"Oh", she called out.

I quickly unzipped and threw off her hoodie, revealing to me a tight, white tank top over a blue bra that could hardly contain her boobs.  Enormous amounts of cleavage exposed.  They were almost spilling out for me.  It was a beautiful sight.

"Lisa", I whispered while squeezing her tits.

I looked her dead in the eye.  She wanted this.  Wanted me to have her this way.  No man should be deprived from sex for this long.  Especially from a sex goddess like Lisa.

I was ready to explode.  I reached for her tank top and tried to remove it over her head when she grabbed my hands.

"After dinner", she said with a smile.  "It’s almost ready".

I obeyed.  I released her from the wall and picked up the hoodie.  Held it up for her to reach her arms into.  I smiled.  She knew her body drove me crazy.  Made me hard.

"Thank you", she said flirtatiously.  "Let me show you the house".

She took my hand and led me to the first room.  I looked at her ass while she walked in front of me.

"Here’s the living room", she said, motioning with her hand.

Contemporary furniture, nice color scheme, abstract painting on the wall, looked kind of like an Ikea catalog.

"The kitchen", she said at the next room.

Again, very different from the outer appearance of the house.  Modern appliances, granite countertops, a couple of pots still boiling.

"Smells good", I said.

She smiled.  I didn’t really care what she cooked.  She could make shit on a stick and I’d still fuck her all night.

She showed me the bathroom, laundry room, and garage before heading upstairs.  She drove a white Lexus SC.  A very sexy car.

I gave her ass a squeeze when we were on the stairs.  I couldn’t resist, it was just so beautiful.  She smiled and gave me a playful slap.

"This is where you’ll be sleeping", she said as we checked out the guest room.

I laughed.

"What’s wrong?", she asked, pretending not to know.  "Too small?"

I didn’t answer her.  We both knew I would be sleeping in her room.

"This is the master bedroom", she said as we walked in.  "This is where I’ll be sleeping".

"This is where we’ll be sleeping", I told her.

I stood behind her and held her body against mine, letting her feel my hard cock.

"Mmm", she said with a smile.

I reached around and fondled her breasts.  She put her hands on mine, following my movement across her body.

I looked around the room.  Huge canopy style bed with white curtains tied to wooden posts by rope.  Dark purple sheets covered the bed.  Unlit candles positioned all over the room.  I couldn’t wait to fuck her here.  I loved sleeping with women in their beds.  Feminine decor, floral scents, very adventurous.  I was imagining what we could do tonight.  The bed had lots of room to move, posts to hold on to, the possibilities were endless.

We walked back down for dinner.

While we ate, we talked about things we didn’t have the chance to discuss last week.  She was 36, nine years older than me.  She broke up with her last boyfriend eight years ago after she found out he was cheating on her.  What an idiot.  She wanted kids someday but she just hasn’t found the right man.  Looking at me when she said that.  I smiled.  We both wanted it.  To be together.

We cleared the table and washed the dishes together.  I could get used to this.  Lisa and I sharing a home, having meals, going on vacations, doing everything together.

When we were finished with the cleaning, I leaned her against the counter and kissed her.  She sat up on the counter and spread her legs.  I inched forward and touched her inner thighs with my hands.

"Oh", she moaned.

We continued kissing and I began to unzip her hoodie.  Once off, I threw it on a chair and started working on her tank top.  Her blue bra straps were visible under the straps of the tank top.  I loved when women did that.  It was so inherently sexy.  She put her arms up to let me pull the top over her head.  I threw the tank top on top of the hoodie and admired her boobs.  They were being held in a simple blue bra.  Jesus, they were beautiful.

I lifted her off the counter, turned her around, and bent her over the table.  She let out a cry as I leaned her forward.  Her big ass in those shorts pointed out at me, teasing me.  She wiggled her butt, waiting for me to make a move.

I took off my shirt and pants so I was only in my boxers.  With both hands, I yanked off her shorts.  I stepped back to admire her beauty.  Two big cheeks divided by a tight, black thong.  Her round, curvy ass perched on top of two shapely legs.  And it was all mine.

I was now hard as rock and ready to take her.  I knelt down so my face was inches from her ass.  I kissed her left cheek softly.  Then her right one.  I placed my tongue on the crease of skin between her cheek and thigh allowing my taste buds to savor her essence.

"Mmm", Lisa moaned as my tongue slid over her skin.

I rubbed my finger on her thong, feeling the outline of her pussy.

"Oh", she sighed.

I stood up, removed my underwear, and stood directly behind her.  I slid her thong to the right, exposing her vagina, and I entered her.  Jesus, she felt good.  So tight.  Just as it was last week.

I placed my hands on her cheeks as I thrusted.  Watched my cock go in and out of her, shiny from her womanly juices.  Her cheeks rippled with each impact.

"Lisa, I love you".

She called out my name.  I held her by the waist and felt it vibrate as I pounded her.  I leaned forward and unhooked her bra.  I like to fuck naked but this time I was so horny for her I couldn’t wait.  She wiggled her arms to remove the bra, freeing her breasts.

I grabbed the bra from her.  Victoria’s Secret.  I’ve seen a lot of bras from Victoria’s Secret in my lifetime but I’ve never seen one as big as this.  It was the size of a parachute.  I sniffed the inside of it, breathing in her smell.  The familiar scent drove me wild.


Her thong kept rubbing against my shaft as I impaled her so I decided to remove it.  I pulled myself out, knelt down, and took her thong off.  She shifted her legs as I slid it from under her feet.

I stood back up, turned her around, lifted her off her feet, walked across the room, and put her against the wall.  I stared at her nipples, admiring their beauty.  They stared back like two big, brown eyes.  I looked up at her real eyes and noticed she was peeking at my throbbing penis.  I stood up straight, stuck out my cock, and let her admire my length and girth.

"Mmm", she moaned as she reached for my dick with both hands.

I smiled.  I knew mine was the biggest she’s ever had.  And I knew how to use it.  Filled her up perfectly.  She stroked me gently, playing with her toy.  I loved her touch.  Her soft palms stimulating every nerve on my shaft.  She twisted softly, getting some pre-cum to leak out.

She smiled as she fingered a drop.  She put that finger seductively on her tongue and closed her lips.

"Mmm", she teased.

Lisa knew the control she had over me.  I would do anything for her.  I would kill for her.  I was tough, I was strong.  Both physically and mentally.  But she brought me to my knees.  She had my heart.

I stood there admiring her naked body while letting her fondle my cock.  She was the perfect physical specimen.  All natural, nothing fake.  Long, dark hair.  Beautiful, brown eyes.  Luscious lips, great for kissing, perfect for blowjobs.  Cantaloup sized tits.  Tight pussy with adorable labia.  Gorgeous, round ass.  Big in all the right places.  Shapely legs that spread so gloriously for me.  Cute feet.

I watched her hands move across every inch of my shaft, twisting when they reach the tip.  She used her fingers to roll back the skin.  I wanted badly to put a ring on her finger.  To make her mine.

I finally found the one.

"Mmm", she smiled.

Aggressively, I pulled her hands away from my penis and pushed her against the wall.  I lifted her up by her legs and inserted my cock inside her.  She seemed surprised yet pleased to see me like this.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I thrusted, pressing her body against the wall.

"Oh", she cried out.

I loved this position.  It gave me so much power and control.  I could give her an intense orgasm and then decide if I wanted one.  Sometimes, I just like to watch.  This is one of those times.

What I missed more than getting an orgasm from her, was giving her one.  It is the best gift a man can get a woman.

"Baby", she whispered between moans as I drove into her womanhood.

We both glanced down.  In and out, in and out.  It was a beautiful sight.  This is what I was put on this planet for.  To make love to Lisa.

I looked into her beautiful eyes.  Her dark hair bouncing on her shoulders.  Her tits jiggling with excitement.  I felt her smooth outer thighs with my hands.  They gripped my waist tightly.  God, she had a fantastic body.  What was her exercise routine?

Her pussy tightened around my cock, trying to convince me to come with her.  Not this time, Lisa.  You’re on your own.

Some women weren’t that interested in sex but fortunately for me, she wasn’t one of them.  I wondered if she fantasized about me like I did with her.  That would be hot.  Knowing that we were in each others dreams.  Knowing that we were connected.

"Mmm", she moaned.

She was enjoying it, enjoying me.  She could have me everyday, just had to come back to New York with me.  We would be fine individually.  We both have great educations, great careers, great futures.  But together we would be spectacular.

I continued to push myself into her.  I could do this forever.  She felt so good, so warm.  Sex is always much more enjoyable with somebody you care about.  Love always trumps lust.

She closed around even tighter on my dick, begging me to climax with her.  But I wouldn’t give in.  I would get mine later.

"Oh", she cried as she watched my entire cock disappear inside her.

Her eyes sparkled.  She kissed my lips.  Our faces touched.  Her breaths became faster and harder.  She was close.

"Lisa", I whispered.  "Come for me".

She erupted.

Screaming my name as her warm love juices washed over my rock hard dick.  A week’s worth of buildup, saved up for tonight.  Saved up for me.

"Oh", she cried. "Oh, oh, oh".

Over the years, I became an expert in delaying my orgasm.  I could easily stay hard and last all night with any woman.  But Lisa was different.  It took all my strength to hold in my semen.  It would have been so easy to come.  It’s always easy to come in her.  She makes it so enjoyable.  But I wanted to let her know I was willing to forgo my own climax for her.

I kept pounding, letting her feel my penis.  A woman’s orgasm can last a lot longer than a man’s and I would do whatever it took to prolong Lisa’s.  She stopped squeezing, realizing I wouldn’t give in.  She had finally met her match.

"Mmm", she moaned as I lowered her back on her feet.

I held her at her waist, feeling the sweat that formed during our lovemaking.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"I love you", I told her.

She smiled.  Her hands went down my neck, chest, and abs.  They paused for a second before touching my penis.  I was still hard as steel.  She could do whatever she wanted to me.

"Baby", she teased.

With my cock in her hand, we walked toward the living room.  She pushed me down on the couch, threw a cushion down in front of my feet, and smiled.

"Your turn".

chapter 17

Was this love?

Laying in bed, Lisa on my left, her back facing me.  I traced her perfect figure with my hand.  I kissed her shoulder.

"Lisa", I whispered into her ear.

She turned her head, her eyes sparkling.  Kissed me softly with her pillowy lips.

We just made love for the first time thirty minutes ago.  Now just waiting to recharge.  Neither of us satisfied yet.

I got up only once to turn off the lights, which had been on during our first session.  All that was on left was the two bedside lamps.  The soft light leaving an orange glow on her beautiful skin.

She told me she loved me right after her orgasm.  Did she mean it?  I definitely felt something different when we made love and I think she felt it too.  We were deeply attracted to each other.  We shared so much during dinner that I felt I have known her for years.  She was a strong, independent woman who I wanted to know more, spend more time with.

She held my right hand between her breasts.  I felt her heart beating slowly.  I kissed her back and admired the faint tan lines from her bikini.  I’m not a big fan of tan lines but on Lisa, they were perfect.  They showed how confident she was with her body in public.  Maybe she would go to my beach house in the Caribbean one day.  We would make those tan lines disappear.

"Kiss me", she said.

I complied, cradling her head gently, touching her lips with mine.  A fire inside her ignited.  With her right hand, she reached behind her back and grabbed my cock.

"Oh", I called out.

"Mmm", she moaned, trying to drive me insane.

She smoothly placed my dick into her pussy and turned her head away.  I loved spooning.  It was like enhanced cuddling.  Perfect for couples in love.

I held her by the thigh and began thrusting.  After a few pushes, she grabbed my hand and placed it between her giant tits.  Smelling and kissing my hand like it was her security blanket.

She shifted her body slightly, adjusting the angle of my penetration.  Jesus, it felt great.  Her back right up into my chest, her hair in my face, crying my name.

With her left hand on my right hand, she used her right arm to hold my head.  I leaned forward a bit to catch a glimpse of her boobs.  They bounced with each of my thrusts.  She held my right hand firmly between her tits and applied pressure.  Maybe later she would do that with my penis.

I felt incredibly lucky to be with her tonight.  Everything just fell together perfectly.  Back at the networking event, I would have never approached her if she wasn’t alone for that brief moment.  And if the snow wasn’t so bad, she would have flown back to Philly and I would have never asked her to dinner.  And here we are, with me deep inside her, sharing the most enjoyable sex I’ve had in a long time.

Was it fate that brought us together?  Were we meant to be together?

"Yes, yes, yes", Lisa repeated, unknowingly answering my questions.

My hand escaped the clutches of her breasts and went down between her legs to rub her clitoris.  How many men have touched her this way?  I wanted to know but I wouldn’t ever ask her.  What if she asked me how many women I’ve been with?

She pulled my hand away and placed it on her hip.  I felt her thighs vibrate each time I pounded her from behind.  It felt wonderful to be inside this beauty.  So tight.  Hundreds of women have been in this bed but none have felt better in my arms than Lisa.

She suddenly turned her head, kissed me once, and rolled forward.  Got on all fours, flung her hair back elegantly, and stuck out her perky butt.  I smiled.  I wanted to try this.

I shuffled my body until I was kneeling behind her.  I grabbed my penis which was moist from her juices, and plunged into her vagina.

"Oh", she cried out.

I held it there for a few seconds, not moving, just admiring the view.  I grabbed her cheeks and kneaded them like dough.  She had the perfect ass.  Curvy and shapely.  Not too big, not too small.  Not too hard, not too soft.  Just right.  The way Goldilocks would like it, if she was a lesbian.

Lisa used her hand to rub my thigh impatiently, begging me to start.  I held her by the waist and started pushing.  She placed her hand back on the bed to steady her body, keeping it in balance.

"Oh, oh, oh", she cried with each thrust.

She was one of the more vocal women I’ve been with.  She could be as loud as she wanted.  I had soundproof walls surrounding my penthouse, nobody could hear us.  I found it erotic when women moaned or sighed during sex.  It drove me crazy.

I squeezed her cheeks and thighs.  Oh God, there was so much to love.  Why weren’t more women like this?  Instead of being a 90 pound Barbie, why not try a more natural look?  Men loved tits and ass and skinny girls never had any tits or ass.  At least not without surgical enhancements.

I looked down at her ass again, reminding myself how lucky I was.  I watched in awe as the entire length of me disappeared inside her.  I felt her walls grip me tightly.  In and out I went, I could do this for hours and I think Lisa could too.  Each of my thrusts sent ripples across her cheeks and thighs.  Like throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the rings get larger and larger.  It was a beautiful sight.

"Yes", she agreed, not shy about sharing her opinion.

The only negative about this position was that I couldn’t see her awesome tits or face.  I leaned forward, placed my hands behind hers and kissed between her shoulder blades.  I tasted her lovely sweat, the result of working hard to please me.

"Lisa", I whispered.

"I love you", she confessed.

She said it again.  Was it just one of those heat of the moment things or did she really mean it?  I hoped it was the latter.  She was so easy to love.  I could see Lisa as the last woman I have sex with.  My partner, my wife, the mother of my children.  I wanted it to happen.

I sat up and put my hands back on her waist.  Still pushing inside her.  The fire inside still burning strong, no orgasm in sight.  Her figure truly was a work of art.  What kind of exercises did she do to get this body?  She was as beautiful as sin.  Maybe a deal with the devil?  I smiled at the thought.

She was really that perfect.  Like she was genetically engineered in a lab.  I’ve never seen a body like hers.  She was simply built for sex.  Gorgeous, feminine facial features.  Long, silky hair, dark as night.  Massive, natural 38DD’s.  Curvy waist and hips.  Perfect sized, round ass.  Well toned thighs and legs.  Even her feet were beautiful.  Just the right amount everywhere.

I leaned forward again, placed my left hand on the bed, and used my right hand to brush the hair away from her neck.  While still moving in and out, I kissed her passionately on the back of her neck.

She called out my name, letting me know what was on her mind.

I reached around and cradled her sweet melons, relieving the stress on her back.  They felt heavy as I fondled her nipples, feeling her tits sway back and forth.  She felt wonderful in my hands.

"Oh", she moaned.

I sat back up and this time she lowered herself so her breasts rested on the bed.  Her hands now firmly gripping the sheets.  She was close.  My hands were on her ass now, squeezing.  She put her right hand on her right shoulder, sending me a message.  I knew what she wanted.  I leaned forward and held her hand with my right hand, our fingers locking.  She squeezed, I squeezed back, comforting her, telling Lisa I would be there for her all night.

Beads of my sweat started falling on her big, round ass.  I was almost ready for her.  We were both so close now.  I just had one more thing to do.

Lisa read my mind.  She fell forward onto the bed and flipped around.  With her legs spread, she held out her arms for me and smiled.  I smiled back.  How did she know I wanted to finish in the missionary position?

Was it love?  A man and a woman knowing what the other is thinking?  Knowing what the other is feeling?  Both wanting the same thing?

She looked great on my white sheets.  Her lightly tanned body, her dark hair, her seductive look calling out to me.  Giving her body to me.  I gently put my throbbing penis inside her.  Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me towards hers.

"Lisa", I whispered before kissing her.

I dug into her.  Deeper and deeper.  Like a dog burying his bone so nobody could find it.  I never wanted to come out.  Our faces almost touching.  Her left hand on my chest, her right hand around my neck.

"Yes, yes, yes", she cried.

She pulled me closer to kiss my lips.  God, I was almost there.  Breathing hard now, almost out of breath.  She reached up and wiped the sweat off my forehead.  I smiled for her.

Faster and harder.  Each push making progress.  Just a bit more.  She opened her mouth, tilted her head back into the pillow.  So damn sexy.  She whispered my name.  I stared at this beautiful woman in my bed.

I held myself up with my hands to get a wider perspective of her.  To look at her bouncing tits.  Up and down they went.  God, they were perfect.  They looked so good on her.

She leaned forward and watched herself get impaled by my spear.  Except this spear wasn’t meant for killing, it was meant for conquering.  Conquering her love I so desperately needed.

Our cries and moans became more pronounced.  Our breaths became shorter.  The sound of skin on skin impact became louder.  Both of us so close.  Just a few more pushes.  I took one last look at her breasts before focusing my attention on her beautiful face.

Was this love?  A man and a woman who had strong feelings for each other.  Who cared for each other.

Or was it just nature?  Natural biological urges that give a man and woman the instinct to reproduce.  Animals seeking and competing for the best mate to mix their genes with.

Lisa is the perfect woman for me.  Her curvy ass and thighs perfect for absorbing my powerful thrusts as I pump my sperm into her, making conception possible.  Her wide hips perfect for giving birth to our children.  Her large breasts more than capable of producing milk to feed our children, ensuring their survival.

Was that it?  I was here in bed with Lisa because I wanted to combine my DNA with hers?  Survival of the fittest?  Did we choose each other for love or for the need to pass on our genes?

She pulled me in, clearing my mind.  Wrapping her body around me, not letting me escape.  Like I’d ever want to leave her.  There’s no other place I’d rather be right now.  The feeling of her holding me this close was indescribable.  She kissed me.  I felt her lips trembling on mine.  Her pussy tightened to the point where I couldn’t control myself.  I made sure she got every inch of me.  My dick was about to explode.  I wanted her now, more than anything in the world.

We looked into each others eyes.  We read each others thoughts, each others bodies.  She was in my mind.  All my emotions there for her to see.  Only one mattered right now.  I would let her know it.

"I love you", I whispered.

I finally said it.  We climaxed simultaneously.  A wave of relief swept over us.  Hairs on my body stood on end.  Her vagina trembled.  Her whole body spasmed around me.  We were both overjoyed.

My hot semen poured into Lisa.  Only the best for her.  The cream of the crop.  Each thrust producing a fresh batch.  I wanted her to see how much cum I had given her.  More than any man she’s ever been with.

Like the favorite pornstar every teenage boy had.  The only one he could come to.  That was Lisa to me now.  There would be nobody else.

She sprayed her feminine juices all over my cock.  Like the rinse cycle of a carwash.  Cleaning my big vehicle, readying it for the next trip.  The warm feeling of her bodily fluids on my tip was sensational.  Knowing that I brought her to this state of bliss was empowering.

My movements began to slow.  With each pump, less and less semen entered my woman.  Our bodies started to relax.  Heart rates falling.  Breathing patterns returning to normal.  We both moaned, knowing it was over for now.

"Mmm", Lisa sighed, stroking my head gently.

"Oh Lisa", I said.  "I love you".

"Yes", she replied joyously.  "I love you too".

I pulled out and collapsed on her, my head resting on her large breasts.  Her tits rising and falling with each breath she took.  With my nose right next to her nipple, I inhaled deeply, smelling her womanly scent.  She held me and slowly stroked my head.

I was so happy to have Lisa.

chapter 16

What is love?

Is it sharing an innocent laugh together?  Or is it sharing a night of hot, passionate sex?

Is it holding hands in the theater?  Or is it holding hands in the shower?

Is there such thing as love at first sight?

I asked myself these questions as I waited for Lisa.  I had all my clothes off except for my underwear.

Anticipating the excitement.  My heart fluttered.  I was usually confident in bed but I was actually a bit nervous tonight.  I’ve never been with a woman like Lisa before.  I didn’t want anything to go wrong.  I wanted it to be perfect.

Did I love her?  I could definitely see myself with her.  We wouldn’t need to hide, like I had been with Susan.  I’ve only known her for a few hours but that’s how all relationships start.  I already had very strong feelings for her.  Should I tell her I love her?  Was it too early?

I didn’t want to use a condom tonight.  After seeing her pills, I don’t think I would need to.  She was an educated career woman who didn’t live a risky lifestyle so there would be nothing to worry about.  But how would I approach it?  Should I ask for her permission?  I don’t want to screw things up.

I put some Trojans on the bedside table just in case.

What would happen tomorrow?  The storm would eventually stop and they would have the roads and airports cleared up.  And she would return to Pennsylvania.  Then what?  Would we have enough passion tonight to start something long term?

All these questions raced through my mind as I sat on my bed.  I looked around the room to make sure everything was right.  I wanted her to feel comfortable in here with me.  The bedside lamps were on but so were the main lights.  As I got up to turn off those lights, I saw the bathroom door open.

Out walked Lisa.

Her long, dark hair was down.  It went past her breasts.  She had taken out her earrings.  Not sure why.  Her skirt was off and her white, button up shirt reached down to her upper thighs and was held together by one button.  Still had her heels on which made her seem much taller than she actually was.

With the main lights still on, it was clear as day.  The shirt covered up her shapely hips but I could still see her luscious thighs which had been underneath her skirt.  Quite different body type from the women I’m usually with.  But I liked it.  I found it incredibly feminine and attractive.

She walked towards me and we embraced.  I kissed her deeply.  Even with her heels on, she still had to reach high to put her arms around my neck.  The back of her shirt rose up so I put my hands on her ass.  I grabbed a handful of her big, soft cheeks and she moaned.  I felt her massive boobs against my chest and she felt my hard cock poking her in the stomach.

She released me and took half a step back.  My hands held the collar of her shirt before sliding down to the lone button holding it all together.  She gazed into my eyes as I undid the button, wanting to see my reaction to her body.  I held my breath as I slowly opened her shirt.

Jesus Christ.

Lisa smiled as she watched my jaw drop.  Underneath a cream colored bra were the two biggest, most beautifully shaped tits I have ever seen.  They were massive.  38DD I would guess.  It was such a big number most people couldn’t even relate to it.  How did she walk around with these melons on her chest?  She must have back problems.  They were round and looked natural but were they real?  She wasn’t in the entertainment business so why would she need surgery?  I guess I would find out soon.  Around her hips were the matching cream colored panties with a sheer, floral design.  She looked incredible.

She seemed equally impressed with my body.  I caught her peeking at my fully erect cock.  I now removed the rest of her shirt, letting it fall to her feet.

We kissed again.  She liked to kiss.  Liked to use those sexy lips on me.

As I was kissing her soft neck, something caught her eye.  She pulled away from me and guided me to the large, standing mirror.  She positioned herself in front of me with my arms around her.

God, I wanted this woman so badly.

I looked in the mirror.  We were a perfect match.  My hands on her hips, her hands around my neck.  Her monstrous breasts up almost to her neck.  I kissed her cheek.

"Lisa", I whispered.

I kissed her neck.  I wanted her to feel good.  She deserves it.

"Lisa", I called out again, smelling her hair.

I was now so hard it hurt.  Pre-cum left a wet spot in the front of my boxers.  I wanted to be inside her so desperately.  To show her how much I wanted her.

With her hands still around my neck, I reached up and unhooked her bra.  It sprang loose suddenly.  Lisa smiled at me in the mirror and lowered her arms allowing the bra to gracefully fall to the floor.  The soft sound of lingerie hitting the floor was one of the most satisfying sounds in the world.

I immediately reached around to squeeze her tits.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  They were real.  They were so big, the nipples pointed slightly outwards.  She put her hands on my hands, giving them the tour of her boobs.  My fingers went over her nipples and areolas.  My legs felt week, her breasts were my Kryptonite.


When I was feeling her wonderful body, I couldn’t decide whether to look down at the real Lisa or at her reflection.  She decided for me.  She turned around, held my head, and kissed me.

I lowered my head to finally get a taste of her sweet melons when I noticed something.  She had very faint tan lines on her tits.  That wasn’t a shocker considering she just came back from Australia a few weeks ago.  What was surprising was the size of the tan lines.  They showed me Lisa wore microscopic bikinis and was very comfortable displaying her body in public.

The thought of her flaunting her tits at the beach made me want her even more.  I attacked her breasts, devouring her nipples.  She was delicious.  I wanted more.  I was hungry.  She let out a cry and held my head in her arms.  I wondered how many men have tasted her like this.

I got down on my knees and kissed her abs.  I licked her bellybutton, eliciting a moan.  I was now face to face with the front of her panties.  How did I want to do this?

I spun her around on her heels so that her ass was facing me.  Her big, curvy ass with the juicy cheeks.  Her underwear wedged deep in her butt.  I wanted to take a bite out of those ass cheeks.  I could feel them between my teeth.

Before I got carried away, I pulled her panties down to her feet.  Staring back at me was the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.  I loved the crease between each cheek and thigh.  Right under her cheeks was the gorgeous, vertical slit that was her pussy.  I grabbed a cheek in each hand and gently squeezed.  Kneading them.  Massaging them.  I spread them slightly, revealing her tight anus.  I bit lightly into her ass and licked the piece of flesh caught in my teeth.  She moaned.  I let her go.

I leaned back and further inspected her big ass.  Again, I saw faint tan lines which told me she wore a revealing thong at the beach.  I slowly ran my middle finger between her cheeks before giving her one last playful squeeze.

I spun her around again so I could see her beautiful vagina.  There it was.  The doors to her womanhood.  There was even a dark carpet leading me up to her opening.  I traced the patch of hair with my tongue down to her pussy.  I tilted my head so that I was almost looking straight up at her, and gave that fleshy mound a single kiss.  Lisa’s body quivered.  She was already dripping wet.  I tasted her sweet juices on my lips.

I stood up and we embraced again.  Never wanting to let go.  I held her head as I kissed her.  I felt her hands move down my sides and towards my hips.  She grabbed the elastic band of my boxers from both sides and yanked them down.

As a result, my cock bounced up and down.  Like a playful dog waiting for its owner to give him a bone.  With her lips still on mine, Lisa grabbed my penis with both hands and began to stroke.

"Oh, Lisa".

Feeling a woman’s hands on my cock was empowering.  A woman like Lisa who I could fuck in her pussy, mouth, or between her tits was great.  Knowing that she could also pleasure me with her hands was exhilarating.

I grabbed her wrists and pushed her hands from me.  We walked towards my bed where I threw her on her back.  She let out a playful cry as she hit the bed.  She held up her legs, motioning for me to remove her shoes.  I took off her right one, inspecting her toes.  Cute little piggies.  Gorgeous arch in her soles.  Soft, healthy skin.  I gently kissed the sole before moving to her left foot and removing that shoe.

She called out my name.

As I held her by the feet, I gazed down at her voluptuous body.  She was spectacular.  An all natural woman.  She had the kind of body teenage boys would masturbate to on a daily basis.  Hell, even grown men would masturbate to this.  But tonight I wouldn’t be jerking off.  I would make love to her.

What is love?  Is it possible to love someone after knowing them for only a few hours?

As I reached for a rubber on the bedside table, Lisa sat up and stopped me.

"I’m on the pill", she said as she took the Trojan from my hand and tossed it back on the table.

She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.  Using a condom felt like artificial sex.  Going bare was as intimate as a couple could get.  As close as a couple could get.

She started to stroke my throbbing cock.  She could feel it pulsating for her.  She rubbed the tip with her fingers.

"Oh", I moaned.

She smiled.  With one quick motion, she used her free hand to brush away her hair, leaned forward, and put me in her mouth.  Her warm, moist mouth.  She moved her tongue all over my shaft and I felt the roof of her mouth with the tip of my dick.  I watched her plump lips slide up and down my penis.

She looked up at me.  I loved when women made eye contact while giving head.  It told me they weren’t thinking of my dick as an object, but as an extension of me who they wanted to please.  She twisted my cock in her hands and positioned it so I could see it poking her in the cheek.

God, she was good at this.  She took me out and starting licking me.  Along the entire length of my penis.  From the base to the tip.  I wondered how many men she has done this with.  How many men she has tasted.  Who cares?  She’s mine tonight.

After I decided she had lubricated me enough with her saliva, I grabbed her and pushed her back down on the bed.  She laughed.  She may be smaller than I was but she was in control.  She knew she had me.

I opened her legs and admired her beautiful pussy.  I kissed her stomach.  Then the insides of each thigh.  She called my name, encouraging me.  With two fingers, I spread apart her lips and began to lick her.  Her natural reaction was to close her legs around me but I held her by the thighs firmly while my tongue dove deeper inside her.

Lisa.  I was tasting Lisa.  Her womanhood, her femininity was all laid out for me like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  I hungrily lapped up her freshly squeezed juices.  She propped herself up on her elbows and watched me eat her out.  She moaned and cried.  Her hands touched my head, stroking me lightly.  I reached my hands up to grab her tits, squeezing them.  I wanted to stimulate every part of her body.

She laid back down, moving the hair from underneath her head.  She lifted her left leg and rested her foot on my shoulder.  Her sexy sole touching my skin.  I felt her toes curl as I pleasured her orally.  She moved her hands over to my hands which were still massaging her melons.  We locked fingers and she squeezed.  Our own wordless communication, our own body language.  I knew what she wanted.

"Mmm", she whispered.

I let her pussy go and climbed on top of her.  She held my head and we kissed.  I stuck my tongue in her mouth, letting her taste herself.  Her body felt perfect in my arms.  I was hard, she was soft.  We complemented each other.

I kissed down her neck, her clavicle, and finally to her wonderful breasts.  I still couldn’t believe how perfect they were.  I squeezed them together and buried my face between them.  I then spread them apart and kissed right between them, feeling them on my cheeks.  I felt her heart beating faster and faster, working hard to pump blood to all her erogenous zones.

I felt her push at my shoulders.  I looked up.

"I want to be on top", she said, flashing her beautiful smile.

It was my bed and she was the guest so I let her have her way.  I kissed her lips once and rolled over.  She mounted me expertly with my cock behind her ass.  She bent down and kissed me.  Her thighs hugging my sides.  I reached up to play with her tits but she grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands down.

She smiled again.  With my hands still pinned down, she began to kiss my chest.  Her soft lips gently massaging my muscles.  Planting kisses all across my sculpted body.

"Oh", I moaned.

She knew she could get any man she wanted and she wanted me.  She wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please her.  She released my hands and ran her hands across my chest, squeezing my pecs.  She smiled, impressed with my body.  She paused for a moment and looked down at me lovingly.  I could see the wheels in her head turning, deciding on what to do first.  She reached between her legs, found my cock, and slowly slid me inside her.

First contact.

A couple inches at first, and then eventually, my entire penis was in her.  She was tight which was relieving.  My bare tip prodding deep into her womb, digging for treasures.  Our most intimate parts touched.  It was incredible.

She jumped up and down on my pole.  The skin on my cock rolled up and down with each of her movements.  The feeling was amazing.  I would have never experienced this with a condom.


God, she was great.  How could a woman like her still be single?  Were the men she dated not up to her standards?  Could they not satisfy her in bed?  I don’t know but I really wanted to have a chance with her.  One night is all it takes.  After tonight, she would never forget me.  I would pleasure her like no man has pleasured her.  I would have her screaming my name.

I just laid back and let her work me.  She used her hands to brush back her long hair which was covering her tits.  With each bounce, her hair would gradually make its way to her front, which caused her to lean forward and toss her hair back with her head.  She repeated this process multiple times.  I smiled as I watched her struggle to keep her hair behind her.

Lisa knew her body was on display for me and she proudly showed it off.  She held her hair up with her hands to make sure her boobs weren’t obscured.  She smiled and turned her head slightly to the side.  Posing for me.

Was this love?  A woman using her body to make a man’s wildest fantasies come true?

I reached up and grabbed her incredible tits.  By far the best tits I’ve ever seen.  They jiggled in my hands with each of her bounces.  They were so big.  I squeezed them together so her hard nipples pointed straight at me.

"Mmm", she moaned.

She threw her hair back again, clearing the slate.  Her bangs falling almost to her eyes.  I held her so my hands were just under her boobs.  With each jump, her tits slapped my hands, making a satisfying clapping sound.

"Lisa", I cried in agony.

She looked me in the eye.  Trying to determine when I would give in.  I was getting hot.  Her thighs rubbing my thighs was therapeutic.  Riding me like a mechanical bull.  She was in control.  She would dictate the pace.

Suddenly, she got up from the cowgirl position and onto her feet.  She slowly lowered herself into a squatting position and onto my dick.


Lisa enjoyed watching me getting fucked.  She smiled and started jumping.  She contorted her face as if in great pain.  Her hair, again would bounce its way to her tits and she would fling it back.  I held her by the ankles to stabilize her.

God, she was so erotic.  Everything about her just oozed sex appeal.  I didn’t usually liked getting dominated in bed, but for Lisa, I’ll do anything.  She had the aggressive attitude which she used in the corporate world.  She always got what she desired.

She switched to a half-cowgirl, half-squatting position that I have never seen before.  Balanced on her left knee and right foot, she began to twist and turn her hips.  Jesus.  I felt like she was grinding me to a powder.  The sensation was overwhelming.

She went back to the cowgirl position and smiled.  I had no idea where she was, as I hadn’t felt her begin to tighten.  But I knew mine was approaching.  I started to rub her thighs to further stimulate her.  She grabbed my hands, not wanting me to touch her there.  She moved my hands to her enormous breasts which seemed to have gotten even bigger during sex.

She rode and rode.  Faster and harder.  Her tits bouncing violently.  Like a pair of basketballs bouncing higher than I could reach.  No stopping now, not even to fix her hair.  Her long locks became untamed and were dancing wildly over my hands, tickling my fingers.

She became a blur.  Her entire body starting to fade before my eyes.  I couldn’t make out her nipples anymore.  Like flying through a wormhole.  How can she keep this up?  Her legs must be stronger than I imagined.

With one final push, she collapsed on me and held my head.  Thrusting, whispering my name.  She was now very close to coming.  She kissed me.  Our noses touched.  I felt the moisture of sweat on her.  Her tits swaying just below my chin.

She turned her head and pressed her cheek into my face.  So hot, so passionate.  I kissed her.  My arms now around her back, holding her to me, not letting go until we were finished.

She stared into my eyes, smiling.  She was surprised I could hold it for so long.  With the body she had, she was probably used to guys ejaculating during foreplay.  I smiled at the thought.  She kissed me again.  I could feel her body begging me to come, so she could finally come.  I wanted to hang on a bit longer.  To show her the man I was.  To give her a taste of what I’m capable of.  To let her experience what she could have if she was with me.

She was breathing very hard now and had finally caught up with me.  We were both on the verge.  I felt the sweat on her tits rub onto my chest.  She squeezed my sides with her thighs.  My penis so deep in her and burning.  I couldn’t take it anymore.

"Come for me", she whispered while holding my face.

The cork on my champagne bottle popped.

Like celebrating our first night together, the white, frothy brew shot out of me in generous amounts.  Lisa had her face right up to mine, her hair covering my peripheral vision.  The only thing I could see was her beautiful face.  She made sure I was focused on her when I climaxed.

She came immediately after my first cumshot.  She screamed my name just like I promised.  My ears inches from her gaping mouth, temporarily deafened allowing my other senses to be enhanced.  I felt her spraying her warm ejaculate over my cock.  The sensation was incredible.

We took turns squirting our love juices.  Like a tennis match, we went back and forth, grunting with each return.  But unlike tennis where love is nothing, it meant everything to us.

Is this love?  Sharing an intense orgasm together?  It was intimate and emotional but was it love?

Our climax ended together as Lisa fell into my arms.  Our sweaty bodies held each other.  My penis still inside her, the last of my swimmers making their way up her love canal.  Her giant breasts pressed into my body.  I took a breath of her hair, enjoying her scent.

She had just taken round one but the night was young.  I would have another shot at her.

Lisa kissed me and whispered the most beautiful words in the world.

"I love you".

chapter 15

Once a year, there is a three day networking event for finance professionals in the northeast.  It gives the attendees the opportunity to meet people, exchange business cards, and find new golf buddies.  My boss forces me to go every year and although it’s boring, I’ve gotten a lot of new clients for my firm.

And since this year its at a hotel right here in New York, I really don’t have an excuse not to go.

There are women, but nothing spectacular.  I’ve never slept with anybody I met at these things.  I like to keep my personal and professional life separate.

Today is Friday and the last day of this event.  It was late January with snow blowing all over the place.  I hate driving in the snow so I took a cab to this thing.  Temperature was in the low twenties.

At the event, I was on autopilot.  Making my rounds, shaking hands, collecting cards.

I noticed a woman who I saw on the previous two nights.  I never got a chance to introduce myself to her because she was usually surrounded by people.  Mostly men.  I don’t blame them, she was hot.  Older than me and hot as hell.  Better looking than any other woman I’ve seen at these events.  If she had kids, she was a milf.

Very dark hair, almost black.  Tied up in a neat little bun with bangs that fell just above her eyes.  Gorgeous, dark eyes I could get lost in and great complexion.  Light makeup, naturally beautiful.  Strong, feminine facial features.  Simple diamond studs in her ears.  Plump, Angelina Jolie lips.  Looked like a cross between Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Katy Perry.

She wasn’t very tall, probably five two without the heels.  Curvy, voluptuous, very well figured.  Like a 50’s pinup model.  She wasn’t showing any cleavage with her gray skirt suit, but I could tell she had huge tits.  They were squeezed together under her tight jacket which was bursting at the seams.  I wanted to get my face all up in her nice, round ass.  Her bare legs were smooth and slightly tanned.  She walked around expertly in black, four inch Christian Louboutin stilettos.  Sexy yet professional.  This woman had class.

Most importantly, she didn’t have a ring on her finger.

It was four when I made my move.  The event would end in an hour.  Sky already darkening and snow falling harder.  I walked over and extended my hand.  I told her who I was, which firm I was with, and then went on with small talk.

Her name was Lisa.  She was the director of HR at some insurance company in Philly.  She spent the holidays surfing in Australia with her girlfriends.  That answered my question of why she had a fading tan in January.  She didn’t have any kids which was excellent.  She looked like a milf but technically wasn’t one.  She had never squeezed a baby out of her womb which meant she could still be tight.  Wasn’t married which I already knew.

Lisa looked up at me with her seductive eyes when she talked.  Her voice both cute and sultry.  She was intelligent.  We talked about everything.  Sports, politics, stocks, the weather.  She did yoga.  I felt we were really bonding.  Everything coming out of her mouth was of substance.  I started to fantasize about substance coming into her mouth.

She was so fuckable.  The way she tilted her head back when she laughs, the way her pouty lips form a perfect smile, the way she gazed into my eyes.  She had the kind of face I could stare at while coming.


I imagined myself saying that name while making love to her.  God, I wanted Lisa to feel me inside her.

It appears God was listening.  Some guy with a microphone told everybody in attendance that a snowstorm had blanketed the entire northeast with over a foot of snow.  All flights out of JFK and LaGuardia cancelled.

Lisa would have to stay in New York tonight.

She could take the train back but I intercepted that idea by asking her out to dinner.  She happily accepted and excused herself to make a few calls.

When she came back, we decided to eat right here at the hotel restaurant since her luggage was in the storage area and she was considering staying at least another night here.  By the end of dinner, I hoped to have convinced her to stay over at my place.

Dinner was excellent.  I didn’t even notice the food since I was with Lisa.  Her dark eyes.  Our conversation was much more relaxed than before.  We were no longer just professional acquaintances.  We joked, we flirted, we teased each other.  We were incredibly attracted to each other.  I wanted to kiss her.

During dessert, I casually hinted at her staying with me tonight.  I knew she wanted to sleep with me but I didn’t know if she wanted to tonight.  She stared into my eyes while licking her spoon seductively and agreed to come over.

Oh my God.

I instantly got hard as if my dick just made eye contact with Medusa.  Lisa smiled when she saw the excitement in my eyes.  She seemed to have that effect on men.

We got up and went towards the luggage area.  As we walked side by side, I thought of what it would be like to be with Lisa.  I don’t mean sexually, I was almost certain that would be incredible.  I was thinking of dating and a relationship with her.  We had a lot in common and it could work out.  We liked the same sports, movies, and TV.  We lived close enough that we could see each other every week but not have to move in together until we were ready.  Money wouldn’t be an issue.  We both held high positions in our companies and we were both committed to our careers.  And marriage?  Family?  I’m sure she would want kids eventually and I would be more than happy to make them with her.

What am I doing?  I haven’t even slept with her yet and I was already thinking of having kids with her.  I need to take this one step at a time.

I helped her with her coat and grabbed her suitcase.  I held her close to me as I got a cab.  Jesus, it was cold.  In the taxi, she held my hand.  I was so hard now.  Why can’t this damn cab go any faster?  The weather and traffic weren’t cooperating.  I couldn’t wait to see her naked.

When the car finally got to my place, I paid the driver and climbed out into the cold.  I helped Lisa out before getting her luggage from the trunk.

Tony, the doorman was at the door, holding it open.

"Good evening, Sir", he greeted me.

"Tony", I nodded.

He has seen me walk through these doors with hundreds of beautiful women.  Models, actresses, but nobody ever like Lisa.  She was different.  She may be the one.  I wanted to settle down soon.  No more living the bachelor life.

She leaned on me in the elevator.  I smiled.  We were both mature professionals but still flirted like highschoolers.

When we got to my condo, I unlocked the door and held it open for her.  She walked in, fully aware that I would check out her ass and legs.  Big, round ass.  Well toned legs.  Gorgeous.  I followed her in, turned around, and locked the door.  It was just Lisa and I now.

I removed her coat and took mine off as well.  I pulled her luggage to the side as we decided what to do first.

What did she want to do?  Did she want to kiss me?  God, she was hard to read.

"Would you like a drink?", I asked politely.


As I went to my wines, I saw her unbuttoning her jacket.  I was hard as steel.  When I returned with a bottle and two glasses, she was already on the couch.  Her shoes off, legs to her side, patiently waiting for me.  I smiled as I approached, handing her a glass.

"Cold?", I asked.

"A little", she said cutely, looking around the room.

I turned on the fireplace and sat down next to her.  I poured the wine.  I discretely admired her body as she took a sip.  Her skirt now revealing more of her luscious legs.  Her beautiful toes.  Her tits now looking even bigger and juicier in her white shirt.  It was difficult to hide my erection.  I could already see myself fucking her.

We sat there and talked.  Our conversation more romantic this time.  More personal.  I told her things I’ve only told Susan in our most intimate moments.

Lisa put her glass down on the table, leaned forward, and kissed me for the first time.  Her sensual, soft lips touching mine.  Her hands gently cradling my face.  I kissed back.  She opened her mouth and our tongues met.  My taste buds tingled.  She tasted wonderful.

I held her by the waist as she leaned even closer, almost on top of me now.  Her body pressing against mine.  I could smell her light fragrance.  Subtle but luxurious.  My hand had a life of its own.  It went from her waist to her hips and now her thighs.  She moaned slightly.  Then it went under her skirt and now had her panties between the fingers.

"Lisa", I whispered as I felt her ass and thigh under her skirt.

She had her lips on my neck and I could smell her hair.  She had her hand on my chest and was now on its way to my abs.  She paused briefly, feeling the individual muscles before going for my hard dick.  The sensation of her hand over the front of my pants sent shivers up my spine.  She knew I wanted her and that gave her the advantage.

"Let’s finish this in the bedroom", she said seductively with a smile.

She stood up, readjusted her clothes and headed toward the master bathroom.  I watched in awe as her cheeks moved gracefully with each step.

I felt the excitement as I stood up.  As I walked around the table, I accidentally knocked off Lisa’s bag.  Something fell out.  I held it up, read the label, and smiled.  It was the greatest invention in medical history.

Birth control pills.

chapter 14

Jesus, this felt great.

I firmly gripped her waist and pushed deeper inside her.

"Oh", she moaned.

She was Tamara.  A girl whose company shared a building with mine.  I’d seen her in the lobby before, flirting with the security guards.  She was blonde, leggy, and busty.  That’s all I really cared about these days.

I glanced down at her round cheeks and ran my hand up her back.  I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled slightly.  She cried out.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was looking for sex.  Unconditional sex, no strings attached.  That’s what I wanted too.  I wasn’t looking for a relationship, at least not with her.

While penetrating her, I looked around her room.  It was a small, studio style apartment and I could hear faint music coming from the unit next door.  The mattress squeaked with each push.  I wondered how many times she had done this with her boyfriend.

I got down on my hands and kissed her neck.  The flowery smell of her hair ignited my senses.  Her long hair bounced in rhythm with my movements.  I reached down to squeeze her tits.  They were natural, soft, and felt wonderful in my hand.  Her hands gripped the sheets as I pushed her down on her stomach.

I had a feeling she hadn’t permanently broken up with her boyfriend, just a temporary separation, and she was using me to get back at him.  That’s cool.  It was fun playing with another man’s woman.

She pushed me off her and motioned for me to go on my back.

"I need to be on top", she said softly as she watched me readjust the condom.

I laid down and let her straddle me.  She kissed me once and sat back up to put me inside her.  She tossed her blonde hair wildly as I reached up to play with her perky breasts.  She had small, pink nipples that made her tits appear even bigger.  She jumped up and down on my cock, putting on a show for me, like we were on camera.

"Do you like it?", she asked.

"You feel great", I admitted.

She smiled and winked at me.  God, she was incredible.  She flung her hair back again, giving me a clear view of her tits.  She sat up straight and gently rocked.  Back and forth, back and forth.  At this pace, I could go all day, but we had to end it soon.

Her phone vibrated on the table.  Maybe her boyfriend trying to reconcile?  He wouldn’t be too happy to find out I was here.

She put her hands on my chest, feeling me breathe.  I put my hands on her waist and looked up at her.  I was close.  She smiled.

"You gonna come for me?", she teased.

"You want it?", I asked.

"Give it to me, baby".

I pushed her off me, threw off my condom, and ejaculated on her stomach.  Rarely did I pull out of a woman, but Tamara was asking for it.

"Oh", she cried as my warm juices spilled onto her.

I jerked out the last remaining drops of my orgasm.  She grabbed my cock and tried to coax out a bit more of my semen.  I let her have it, one last squirt.

She propped herself up with her arms and we both looked down at the pool of white cum on her body.  She used a finger to play with it.

With her other hand, she grabbed her phone.  One missed call.  It was her boyfriend.  I smiled.  I knew he wanted to get back with her.

I looked at my watch.  12:45.  I was hungry.

"What’s for lunch?", I asked.

We would have to get back to work soon.

chapter 13

Her name was Camille.

She was an aspiring model from Montreal, Canada.  She was down here for some photo shoot or something.  I don’t know.  We never really got to that part.

All I knew was she was now in my condo.

On her knees.

With me in her mouth.

God, she was wonderful.  I grabbed a handful of her fiery red hair as she bobbed back and forth on my cock.  Her pink tongue playfully flicking the tip.

She smiled up at me.  Tugging at me with both hands, giving her mouth a rest.  She deserved it.  She had been blowing me for the better part of an hour.  She was good at it.  Twisting, pulling, licking.  Everything in the book.

She kissed me earlier in the evening.  Passionately.  Letting me taste the lips that would eventually be wrapped around my dick.

I wish I could have talked to her a bit more.  Hear that sexy French accent.  But she was so eager to get started.  So eager to please me.  She had a shy demeanor but I could tell by the twinkle in her green eyes that she had a wild side.

She moaned.  I looked down.  She was still working me with as much passion as when we first started.

"That feels great", I said.

Encouraging her.  I doubt she needed it.

She released me momentarily to lick my balls.  She started nibbling at my scrotum.  I moaned.  The jolt of pain contrasting with the immense pleasure she had been supplying for me.

She said something in French which I couldn’t understand but it sure sounded hot.  Then she laughed.

"Do you like it?", she asked which I assumed was the interpretation.  Smiling as she said it.  Very cute.

"Don’t stop", I replied.  "Please".

She was kneeling on a cushion which she grabbed off my couch.  Completely naked except for the dangling earrings and her black panties.  Couldn’t tell if she was a natural redhead, yet.  Her milky white skin felt smooth as satin on my hands.

She pulled her hair back behind her ear.  I love when women do that.  Especially when they’re blowing me.

My penis was on fire.  At least, that’s what it felt like.  Her red hair so sensual in my hands.  I reached down lower to hold her by the cheeks.

She was worshipping my cock.  Tenderly kissing the sensitive tip.  Licking the underside.  Leaving no part untouched.  I felt like royalty.

I thought of how I would do it.  Where would I come?  In her mouth?  Her face?  What about on her perky, round tits?  I guess it would be up to her.

I held her shoulders firmly as she continued to pleasure me.  She put one hand on the base of my penis and the other was gently massaging my balls.  Her lips forming a perfect, tight circle around my shaft.

She was making love to my dick.  That’s how I thought of it.  I would probably never see her again after tonight but I liked to believe there was an emotional connection between us.

It was time.

"Camille", I called to her.

She looked up, I nodded.  She pulled me out and shuffled closer to me.  She opened her mouth, aimed my cock, and began tugging.  She wanted me to come in her mouth.  She wanted to taste me.

Her hands moving feverishly.  Up and down every inch of my penis.  Jesus.  I hope she swallowed.  That would be a nice way to end the week.  I felt a big load coming up.  She would not be disappointed.

Her beautiful eyes never leaving mine.  Daring me to come.  Begging me to come.

Just a bit more.  I just needed a bit more.  She seemed to have read my mind as she started tugging even faster and harder.

Oh God.  I couldn’t hold it any longer.  A few more strokes and that’s it.

My mind was spinning.  Thoughts started to overlap.  Couldn’t think straight.  What was her name?

"Come for me", this woman called.

I relaxed, exhaled, and let her do the rest.  My fate was literally in her hands.

She pulled the trigger.

First shot, right on target.  Hit the back of her mouth, causing her to cock her head back slightly.

I fired again.  Because she had moved her head, it didn’t go in her mouth.  It splashed over her face.  A creamy, white line from the top of her lip to her left eye.

"Oh", she cried.  She kept pulling.

Again.  This time, the sticky substance went across her forehead and into her crimson hair.

Next shot.  It was a big glob.  Covering her right cheek.  I hoped none of it would end up on the floor.

She pulled the trigger again.  This time, my fresh semen hit her square on the chin.  Like a heavyweight boxer, she turned her head slightly, absorbing the blow.  Tiny white droplets fell to her breasts.

I could feel one more cumshot I could unload on her but I needed help.  Her help.  We made eye contact and she knew what I was thinking.

With both her hands, she forcefully pulled my cock like her hands were on a plunger, trying to unclog a stubborn toilet.

I cried out in agony.  Almost.  So close.

Then she hit the spot.

My last squirt landed gracefully on the bridge of her nose.  A thick glob of it painting her face white.  Like in slow motion, I could see it splash and watch all the tiny drops resulting from the initial impact.

I was done.

It felt like heaven.  She was a complete mess but I sure felt great.  She didn’t seem to mind though as she smiled through the creamy mask I gave her.  I smiled back.  She looked like a Toaster Strudel.  She seemed to think the same as she tongued my cum off her lips and swallowed.

"Mmm", she moaned.

"You like it?", I asked.  There’s plenty more where that came from.

She nodded.  Semen starting to roll off her face.  I don’t know if it really tasted as good as she made it sound but I didn’t care.  She wanted to satisfy me and that’s what she did.

She put me back in her mouth for a few loving licks.  She pulled me out and stroked me gently.  Then she softly kissed the tip.  She smiled.

I helped her up and walked her to the bathroom.  My cum was all over her hands too.  I turned on the water and handed her a towel.

I squeezed her ass playfully as I left the bathroom.  She giggled.

I walked over to my bed, laid down, and waited.  It was my turn.

chapter 12

One last time.

Last chance to show her my love.

We hadn’t seen each other for three days but it felt like an eternity.  Susan was busy with the movers, her agent, and some other people I don’t care about.

She was moving to LA tomorrow morning and I was on my way to spend one last night with her.  She already sold her house and was staying at a five star hotel in the city for tonight.

I knocked on the door to her suite.  Looking around, making sure nobody followed me.

The door opened.

She appeared.  Hair tied up in a bun.  Black satin robe.  Black stockings.  Five inch black heels.  Everything black.


She pulled me inside before anybody could see me.  As soon as I was in, I locked and bolted the door.  Nobody would bother us tonight.

We embraced.  She felt warm.

"I missed you", she whispered.

We started kissing.  Long, passionate kisses.  The kinds of kisses wives gave their husbands when they return from war.

"I love you", I told her.

She was wearing a light fragrance that I bought her a while back.  A natural fruity scent.  Very sensual.

Her hands moved over the front of my pants, feeling my throbbing cock.  She was all business tonight.  My hands reached around and squeezed her firm ass cheeks.  She pushed me away lightly.

"Stay here", she ordered, placing her finger on my lips.

She turned and walked toward the table.  The room was huge and beautifully decorated.  Excellent view of the city.  She grabbed something from the table and began walking toward me.  Hiding it behind her.

God, she was incredible.  Walked like a runway model, dressed like a lingerie model.  Her body was out of this world.  I had to keep reminding myself she was 62.  Her thin legs looked so delicious in those stockings.  Her robe reached just past her hips, leaving a small part of her thighs as the only exposed skin.  Small straps from the garter belt held up her stockings.  Her feet, delicately squished into those expensive shoes.  She looked expensive.  How did I even get with a gorgeous woman like this?

I was imagining all the things I would do to her tonight.  Whatever it would take to express my love.  I would make her remember me.

She touched me, waking me from my dream.

"This is for you", she said, handing me the box.

I held it, looking at the logo.  Hublot?  Watch company.  I opened it and inside was a Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang.  Amazing.  This thing was worth more than most people’s cars.

"Do you like it?", Susan asked.  Smiling at my astonishment.

"Susan, this is incredible".

I took it out and wrapped it around my left wrist.  A beautiful piece. Ceramic bezel, platinum case, carbon dial, and a firm rubber strap.

Symbolizing the time we have left together.  Not much time.  One more night.  I thought of all the women I had been with while still seeing Susan.  It was her idea, but why did I listen to her?  I was such a fool.  Instead of being with those women, I could have been with her.  Showing my commitment.  Showing my love.

We embraced again.  I felt her smooth satin robe in my hands.

She stepped back and undid her robe.  Underneath was an elegant black bra.  Finely tuned and perfectly accentuated her slender features.  A small bow in the middle gave it away.  I knew it was a front clasp bra.  Semi sheer material faintly displayed her pokey nipples.  I looked down to reveal the matching garter belt and panties.  I would have a fun time undressing her.

Tonight would be special.

I picked her up and walked her to the bed.  I gently laid her down so her legs were dangling over the edge.  I took off my shirt, revealing my chiseled body.  Whenever I was at the gym, I thought of Susan.  It drove me, gave me adrenaline, made me invincible.

She laid there vulnerably.  Giving herself to me.  Ready for me.

I lifted her left leg and removed the shoe.  I massaged her stockinged feet before kissing them lightly.  I reached down and detached them from her garter belt.  The soft sounds of the straps being undone sent shivers down my spine.  Then with her leg resting on my shoulder, I slowly rolled off the stocking.  After tossing it on the floor, I buried my face in her sole.  Inhale.

"Susan", I whispered.

I licked her heel and kissed her sole.  The graceful curve of her foot drove me wild.  I licked the entire length of her foot.  Tasting it.  She squirmed because it tickled.  That didn’t make me stop.  Next I sucked her toes.  Her big toe first, then working my way down her foot.  Her toes soft as silk, as if she walked on air.

I put all five toes in my mouth.  They fit easily.  My tongue sliding between each toe, my thumb massaging her sole.  Feeling her.  Tasting her.

She called my name.  Her hands were now running all over her body.  Smoothing over the goosebumps that had formed on her skin.  She was breathing deeper.

I’ll be with you soon.

Satisfied with her left leg, I went to her right one and did the same.  God, I loved her feet.  She gave me a footjob last week on the beach.  I didn’t ask for it, she suggested it.  She lay in the sand with her feet up, I knelt down and started thrusting between her soles.  She knew I found them irresistable.  I ejaculated on her tits and she rubbed it on her skin like lotion.

Her legs now bare, I went for the panties.  I got the surprise of my life.  She was bald.

"Like it?", she asked playfully.

"Oh, Susan", I replied, running my fingers over her area where there used to be hair.

Completely bare.  No hair, no landing strip, no nothing.  Not that I needed a landing strip.  We’ve been together for so long, I could land my plane incomplete darkness.  She wanted tonight to be special.

One last time.

I placed my lips right above her opening.  She quivered.  I held her down with my hands.  I licked the area surrounding her vagina.  Not a single strand of hair could be felt.

I gently parted her lips and slid in my tongue.  She moaned.  Tasting her one last time.  Her warm flavors overwhelmed my tastebuds.  Her aroma stimulated all my senses, making my face hot.  My nose was right up to her skin and my lips were on her lips.

I pulled up for air and dove back in.  Sticking my tongue as far as I could this time, flicking her G-spot.  Her magical G-spot.  It was her essence.  Her jewel.  This is what made Susan Susan.  No man has ever tasted this and I’ve experienced it multiple times.  Each time I ate her out, I felt like a treasure hunter, trying to find that one piece that eluded him.  Dodging trap doors and spring activated spears.  Except Susan offered no resistance.  She willingly gave me access to her jewel.  She rolled up the red carpet, giving me the VIP treatment.

She cried out my name.

I pulled out, not wanting her to come without me.  I kissed up her flat stomach and then stared at her bra.  I put my hands on her breasts and she held them down.

"I love you", I reminded her.

She smiled as I lightly massaged her tits.  They fit in my hands nicely.  I touched the bow in the middle and undid the clasp.  I opened her like a book.  Her boobs flowed out naturally, untouched by surgeons.  She propped herself up slightly letting me remove the bra from around her arms.

She stared at me seductively.  One last time.

I went for her breasts.  Kissing them softly.  She held them for me, positioning the nipples into my mouth.

"Susan", I called into her tits.

Jesus, they tasted good.  I sucked hard on them, switching from nipple to nipple, hoping for something to come out.  Dying to taste her.  She cried out.  Her tits weren’t big enough for a titfuck but I never wanted to do that with her anyways because she probably wouldn’t get much pleasure from it.

I started massaging her boobs and I glanced down at my new watch.  11:09.  I have to work tomorrow but I’m not thinking about that now.  I’m thinking of the most beautiful woman in the world, naked, here in bed with me, and I’ve got one last chance to make love to her.

I let her go and stood up.  She sat up while untying her hair.  I paused for a minute to watch her lovely hair bounce off her shoulders.  I quickly took off my pants and she smiled.  I was wearing the boxers she bought me last week.  The ones with the monkeys and palm trees.

She yanked them off, revealing my rock hard cock.  She went for it.  Wrapping her gorgeous lips around my dick.  Putting it all in her mouth, trying to swallow it.  It was amazing.  Her mouth was hot and moist.  Her long tongue coiled around my dick like a python strangling its prey.

Tasting me.  One last time.

She looked into my eyes.  I was vulnerable when I was in her mouth and she knew it.  She loved watching me, playing with me, toying with me.

"Oh, Susan", I moaned.

She tasted my pre-cum and smiled.  The natural lubrication would never have a chance to do its job.  I held her by the hair, thrusting myself forward.  Fucking her mouth.  So deep she almost gagged.

She pulled me out started jerking me off.  It was pure bliss.  She gave me a handjob on the beach last week.  We were walking along the shore and without my permission, she reached in a started tugging.  When I was about to come, she aimed me towards the water and watched it fly.  She cried out in joy as I did my best Spiderman impression with my dick.  A thick rope disappeared into the waves as my body quivered.  Twenty minutes later, she would do it again, trying to set a new distance record.  I did my best to make it happen.  When we finished, we just continued walking along the beach.

That’s what was special about our relationship.  We could fuck like crazy and then just talk about anything.  Sex was a big part of our lives but it wasn’t the only part.

I pushed her down onto the bed.  I was at full size now.  Ready to engage.  She lay there, eyes closed, waiting for me to take her.  Take her to that beautiful place.  She was my addiction.  The more I got, the more I wanted.  Insatiable.  Unable to control my urges.  Doing anything to get to her.

She spread her legs.  Only for me.  I held the key that unlocked her beauty.

I entered her.

Tight.  Seemed extra tight.  Like a virgin.  I wish I could have gone back in time and taken her virginity.  That would be special.

We lay there motionless, with me on top and inside her.  I kissed her neck.  I felt her pulse beating rapidly.  I ran my fingers through her hair.  I kissed her forehead.

My whole body pressed down on hers.  I held her hand.  We locked fingers.

"Make love to me", she pleaded.

Anything for Susan.  I began to push slowly.  Hearing her moan, listening to her body cry out for me.  I kept staring at her, never looking away from her eyes.  She stared right back.

The moment was beautiful.  A man and a woman together in bed, making love for the last time.  Nothing else in the world mattered.

I dug deeper and deeper, her loving cries the only thing I needed for motivation.

We had each others bodies memorized.  We could make love in the dark but preferred some lighting so we could see each other.  I liked to watch her hair tossed, her tits bounce, and her tiny figure contorting to please me.  She liked to watch my big chest, broad shoulders, and rippling abs pinning her down.

And of course, we loved to watch each other climax.  It was the most intimate moment a couple can share.

I had seen Susan’s orgasm face countless times during our relationship but tonight’s would be the one I would remember forever.

I completely lost track of time.

As we switched positions, I checked my watch.


Already over an hour and neither of us willing to come.  How long can we last?

We were in the kneeling form of the lotus position.  Very sensual.  I rubbed her ass while she kissed my neck.  Her soft tender cheeks.

"Susan", I called out.

She rocked back and forth on my cock for what seemed to be an eternity.  I leaned forward to suck her right tit.  I wanted to feel her areola in my mouth.  With her left hand around my neck, she used her right hand to hold up her right breast for me, feeding me.  I put so much of her boob in my mouth, she had to move her hand back a bit.  I looked up to see her smiling, watching me enjoy her natural beauty.  I counted the small bumps on her areola with my tongue.  The taste of sweat on her breasts.  We were both drenched now.  She was beginning to slide off my legs.

Still kneeling, I gently pushed her off me and paused for a moment to decide what to do next.  Also to catch my breath.  My lungs were burning.  But Susan would have none of it.  While lying on her back with her legs spread, she grabbed my dick and pulled me inside her.

"Yes", she whispered.

Me on my knees, her on her back.  I began to push.  With each thrust, her tits would wobble like jelly.  I reached down to knead them while I fucked her.  She had fantastic breasts.  They weren’t the biggest but on her petite figure, they were more than enough.

With my left hand on her right tit, I checked the watch again.


God, she was tight.  After two years, she was still incredibly tight.  The first time we had sex, I thought I would split her in two.  But she stayed intact.

I reached out to touch her lips.  She held my hand and sucked my fingers.  Staring up at me.  I felt the sucking sensation on my index finger and it was surprisingly erotic.

I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over.  With Susan on her stomach, I penetrated her pussy.  We would go through every page of the Kama Sutra tonight.

I planted my hands next to her shoulders and fucked her.  Each thrust eliciting a agonizing moan from her mouth.  Music to my ears.  I knew she could handle my size, no need to pretend she’s hurting.

She still wasn’t anywhere near coming.

"I love you, Susan", I whispered next to her ear.

She cried out my name.


I felt like I was running a marathon.  Going for hours but still nowhere near the finish line.

I put my hands on her slippery back and continued to impale her.  The sound of my thighs slapping her cheeks made a moist clapping sound that echoed throughout the suite.

"Oh, Susan", I cried.

This was getting out of control.  I’ve never gone this long without coming.  It was excruciating, trying to hold it in with each thrust.  My semen was begging to come out.  Begging to be released into Susan’s womanhood.

Not yet.

I pulled her up so she was on all fours and reached around for her boobs.  They swung freely, like two pendulums.  I let her know I wanted her whole body.

I continued to pound her.  Like it was mating season.

"You alright?", I asked.  I knew she was fine, I just asked as a courtesy.

"Yes", she answered.  "Please don’t stop".

I stopped for a second to wipe sweat off my brow and she used that instant to turn around and push me down.

She grabbed my erect penis and began tugging.  Smiling at me, showing me her pearly white teeth.  Then she leaned down and devoured me.  Like she hadn’t eaten in days.  I felt her tongue and teeth on me.  It was wonderful.  I leaned back on the pillow and put both hands behind my head.  I looked up at the crown molding.  I checked my watch.


I watched Susan bob her head up and down on my cock, her hands constantly moving her hair out of the way.  I reached down and held her hair to her head.  Just doing whatever I can do help.  She smiled and continued to work on me.  Wanting to taste me one last time.  I wanted so badly to spill my seed into her mouth, granting her wish, but I wanted us to come together.

I didn’t let her suck me for too long, I wanted to keep her fire burning.

After about five minutes, I pulled her head up and positioned her body for reverse cowgirl.  I eased her onto me slowly and watched my penis disappear into Susan.

She jumped up and down, showing my dick no mercy.  I had a perfect view of her beautiful, slender back.  Gorgeously shaped.  Perfect for strapless gowns, dresses, bras.  I’ve seen her in all of them.

I wanted to taste that back.  I placed my hands on her waist.  She leaned her head back so her hair was now hanging inches from my face.  She had sweat so much, her hair looked like she just came in from the rain.


Over four hours after we began, we were still going strong.  I felt energetic and Susan wasn’t showing any signs of slowing.  Neither of us taking the easy way out.  Neither giving into temptation.

I desperately had to unload.  I was using all my strength to keep it in, the rest of my body felt weak.

We switched positions to ease the tension.  Now spooning.  Spooning was sensual.  Slowed us down a little bit.  The feel of her soft skin against mine was incredible.  The curves of our bodies fit perfectly together.  She was perfect.  Where would I ever find another woman like this?

Susan turned her head to kiss me.  I cupped her breast in my hand.

"I love you", I whispered softly into her ear.

We kept going.  Slow gentle thrusts.  Our bodies as one.  Deep inside her.  Further than any man has gone.


I felt Susan tightening.  It was time.

I pulled myself out of her and into the missionary position.  We would finish in this position.  Our favorite position.

I planted my tree trunk like forearms next to her and began the final push.  Veins pertruded from my hands, arms, and throughout my body.

God, I wanted to give it to her.  My body.  I wanted her to have every ounce of me.  Every inch of me.  Every last drop of me.  I wanted her to have it all.  It was the only way I could express my love.

"I love you, Susan".

I looked down at her.  She was a panting, sweaty mess.  She was more beautiful than ever.  Her aesthetic features, her ageless body, her loving smile.

She desperately wanted to come.  But like me, didn’t want it to end.  When you do something you love for the last time, you want to make it last.  Make it special.

"Wait for me", I whispered.

She nodded.

With each push, we were nearing the end.  Like the marathoner turning the corner, finally seeing the finish line.  Who had paced himself for the entire duration of the run, now can reach deep down and finish with everything he has.

I felt my engine firing on all cylinders.  I shifted into top gear, realizing I would need every horsepower to finish this race.

She tightened up even more.  Squeezing me.  Her hands around my neck, holding me for stability.  Preparing for the ride of a lifetime.

"I love you", I whispered softly, barely able to hear myself.

She made me feel like an animal.  Unable to control myself.  Driven only by my evolutionary instinct.

Anytime now.

She was squeezing me with such force now, I couldn’t feel myself anymore.  My body went numb.

My mind racing.  I was flying though pure darkness.  I felt wind on my cheeks.  Was I blind?  I saw a tiny white spec.  The light.  I was in a tunnel.  As the light gradually got larger, an image appeared.  It was Susan.  My love.

She was crying my name now.  In joy or agony?

The planets were aligning.  I felt my last finger on the ledge, slowly losing its grip.

"Come with me", she pleaded, the sound of urgency in her voice.

"I love you", I cried, with my last breath.

We came together in a wonderful, climatic ending.  Screaming each others names.  She would never forget me and I would never forget her.

She melted in my arms.  Her skin was hot.  Her body spasmed.  Her limbs tightly gripped my body, not wanting to let go.  Her inner walls clutched onto my manhood.  Her feminine fluids gushing onto my penis.

I poured myself into her for the very last time.

No holding back.  She welcomed me.  With each thrust, a huge load of thick cum was shot into her.  Satisfying.  Squirting my DNA into her pussy.  Copious amounts of my semen would find their way into the crevices of her womb.  I left my mark inside her, branding her as my own.  A parting gift.  Something to remember me by.

I would have this moment seared into my memory.

Her orgasm face.  Eyes closed, mouth open, screaming my name.  Only I could pleasure her like this.  Only I could love her this much.  No man would ever see her like this.  No other man would ever have her like this.

She will always be mine.

And then we were done.  After the most intense orgasm either one of us has ever experienced, it was all over.

After all the screaming, the ecstasy, the toe curling climax, there were tears.  Susan cried in my arms.  I had to stay strong.

Our last time.

The sound of traffic began to emerge.  The city that never sleeps was awakening.

I had to get up.  Before somebody sees me leaving the suite.  I stood up.  She was still laying in bed, with her back to me.  The sheets were moist and reeked of sweat and sex.

I went to the bathroom for a quick shower.  I was glistening with moisture.  As soon as the water was turned on, Susan joined me.  We held each other as the shower washed away the sweat and tears.

"I have to go", I said.

She knew it.  She reluctantly turned off the water and got out.  We toweled each other off.  Touching each others naked bodies for the last time.

Susan wrapped a towel around her body as she watched me put my clothes on.  Watched the strong body that made love to her so many times finally covered up.

When I was ready, we walked to the door together.

"I love you", I told her.

We kissed.  God, I didn’t want to let her go.  I was completely worn out but I got the urge to rip off my clothes and fuck her again.

This time, she pushed me back.

"I’ll miss you", Susan said.

A soft kiss.  One last time.

I walked through the door and out of her life.

chapter 11

"I love you", Susan moaned.

She wanted me and that’s what she would get tonight.  All night.

We’ve been at it for hours.  After we got out from the hot tub, we toweled each other off and headed to the master bedroom.  I carried her up the stairs.  Her dainty body in my strong arms.  Completely naked except for the rock on her finger.

A symbol of my love.

We would be leaving our little vacation tomorrow morning.  Last chance for sex on paradise island.  I wanted to make this night last.

Candles lit, balcony doors open, white drapes flowing in the ocean breeze.  This was our night.


I was on top pumping my cock inside her.  My testicles bouncing off her ass like a game of paddle ball.  Susan had her slender legs on my shoulders.  Her feet by my ears.  Our faces inches apart.  So close but wanting to be closer.

Her tight little body moved up and down with each of my thrusts.  She was flexible enough to enjoy this position.  Her soft eyes glowing.  Her sharp features radiant.  She whispered words of encouragement.  Like I needed any.

I drilled even deeper, eliciting a cry from her.  She could feel me very deep inside.  This position allowed for maximum penetration.  We both loved it.  I want to go as far as I could and never come out.

"I love you, Susan".

I wanted her.  Now more than ever.  She satisfied all my sexual desires but I needed more.  I wanted to be with her.  She already had two daughters who were older than I was and even they had their own children.  But I wanted Susan to be a mother again.  I wanted her to have my kids.  But we both knew she was well past her child bearing years.

I pushed harder.  As if that could turn back the clock.  She called out my name.  Our eyes never leaving each other.  The white sheets a perfect backdrop for her silky, brown hair.  She looked vulnerable, pure, elegant.

"I love you", she told me.

I pinned her hands above her head so I could see the ring I had gotten her.  It looked beautiful on her delicate finger.  I wanted to shower her with all kinds of jewelry.  I would buy her anything she wanted.  Take her anywhere she wanted to go.  I just wanted to be with Susan.

She saw me looking at her ring and kissed me to bring my attention back to her.  The ring was beautiful but Susan was spectacular.  I could make love to this beauty for the rest of my life.

She gently pushed my leg indicating she wanted to change positions.  I pulled myself out of her and watched her move her body on our bed.  So sexy.  She got on all fours and faced the giant mirror across the room.  She looked at me from the reflection and smiled.

Doggy style.  I agreed.

She was presenting herself to me.  I positioned myself behind her and with one hand on her sloping back, I guided my penis into my woman.

She called my name.

Her walls closed around me causing me to moan.  God, she was fabulous.  Her perky ass slapping against my thighs.  Her firm cheeks swallowing my dick.

I rubbed her lower back.  She moaned.  I squeezed her cheeks.  She moaned.  I pumped harder.  She moaned.  Everything I did gave her immense pleasure.

"I love you", she confessed.

She buried her face into the sheets.  Gripping the thin blanket with her hands.  She was in agony.  But a beautiful agony.  It hurt her slightly when I was entirely inside her but I knew she wanted every inch of me.

I leaned forward and cupped her tits.  Massaging the nipples.  I lifted her off her arms and pulled her towards me, cradling her delicately, easing the pain.  I felt the sweat from her back on my chest.  I kissed her moist neck.  Even her sweat tasted good.

I glanced at the mirror.  We were beautiful.  She looked tiny in my arms as I had both hands on her boobs.  I used one hand to move down her torso and to rub her pussy.  Further stimulating it.

"Oh", she called out.

Her hands were on top of my hands now.  They would go where I would go.  She turned her head to kiss me.

"Susan", I whispered.

I turned her head to face the mirror.  I wanted her to see our reflection.  What we looked like together.  The beauty we created.

She was captivated.  Staring into my reflection while I stared into hers, we watched each other make love.  Like viewing pornography.  Like spying on another couple’s most intimate moments.

She gradually tightened and I knew she was close.  We didn’t need words to communicate, our bodies in tune with each other.  I was ready to finish in this position but she had other ideas.  Susan pushed me off and in one quick movement, turned around, and mounted me.

She had caught me off guard and now had the advantage.

Up and down she went, jumping on my cock.  Her pillowy breasts bounced.  Her wild hair tossed in the air.  Crying my name.


She was fully displaying her body for me now and she knew I wouldn’t be able to resist.  She reached behind with one hand and started stroking my shaft, adding more stimulation.  I knew where this was headed.  She wanted to preserve her orgasm and force me to come first.

Like a leaky dam, I could feel myself gradually giving in.  Giving in to the buildup, the pressure.  Unable to hold it in.  Happens to the best of us.

Just a bit more.  I rubbed her pussy with my hand.  Desperately trying anything.  I didn’t want to let her win.

She was relentless.  Grabbing my hand away from her.  Staring fiercely into my eyes.  God, she was strong.

She was struggling as well.  Beads of her sweat fell on my body as she rocked back and forth.  Clenching her teeth.  Squeezing me tighter.  Calling my name.  Pushing me to the brink.  I couldn’t take it no more.

I surrendered to Susan.

A wave of relief swept through my body.  Like a baker at a donut shop, I injected her with my cream.  My first cumshot made contact in the deepest part of her womanhood, bringing her to orgasm.  The straw that broke the camel’s back.  That’s how close we were.  That’s how well we knew each other.

Knowing she was already there, I went all in.  Everything I had.  I held her firmly on top of me and pushed up.  I pushed and pushed.  Throwing myself to the limit.  As much semen as I had.  Whatever was left in the tank was hers.  It belonged to Susan.  I belonged to Susan.

Rope after rope of cum came out of me.  Huge globs of it.  Gushing inside her.  Filling her with my love.  All of it for her.  No other woman could make me feel this way.  I was losing my mind.  Susan was screaming my name but I could barely hear her.

Susan’s climax was beautiful.  Her body spasmed on top of mine.  Her hot juices cleansing my penis, washing away impurities.  I was giving her a ride but she held on tight.  Her hands released me and went to her own breasts, leaving her pussy as the only thing gripping on to me.

I seized the opportunity and flipped her over.

She let out a surprised cry as I pulled out of her, being careful not to spill any cum.  I held it in for a brief moment before reentering her, but now as a missionary.

"Susan, I love you".

I continued to ejaculate in her.  Jesus, this was one of my longest and most intense orgasms.  I could feel the semen traveling up my shaft and out of the tip.  I could feel my balls being drained.

I tried to stretch out our orgasms for as long as I could, knowing this would be our last time in paradise.  Susan realized this too and was doing the same.  We would have to get up in a few hours and head to the airport so we were leaving it all out tonight.  Savoring the sensation.  No turning back.  No regrets.

I kept pushing.  I stopped cumming.  Tank empty.  Dick still hard but nothing inside.  But I still kept thrusting, giving Susan a few more minutes of pleasure.  A bit more of my love.

Her orgasm subsided.

"I love you", Susan whispered with her last ounce of strength.  Looking up at me.  Gasping for air.

I collapsed on her.  Burying my face in her neck.  Deep breaths of air.  Inhaling her scent.

My Susan.

She started stroking my head.  Neither of us letting go.

I rolled over and felt the breeze on my moist skin.  Sun peaking from the water.  Breaking dawn.

"Susan", I whispered.  "I love you".

"I love you too".

I closed my eyes.  We fell asleep in each others arms.

chapter 10

We were walking down the street on the main island.  Hand in hand, strolling past the shops, looking at the locals.  Susan and I had nothing to hide here.  Nobody would recognize her as an American soap opera actress.

She wore a blue, floral print dress that was probably designed for 20 year olds.  Cute, white flip flops on her delicate feet.  Pearl necklace around her elegant neck I had gotten her a while back.  Simple yet sexy.  That was Susan.

God, she looked fabulous.  I loved watching her stand around other women.  Even though she was several inches shorter, she somehow stood out.  She was older than the other women but still had a better body.  Beautiful skin, excellent taste in fashion, not an ounce of fat on her flawless figure.

She exercised everyday on our vacation.  We walked along the beach at nights.  She did pilates and cardio.  This morning, she spent 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I watched her sweat in a cute sports bra and leggings.  When she finished running, I grabbed her, tore off her clothes, carried her to the bathroom, and made love to her in the shower.

I made sure she knew how I felt about her.

That’s actually why we’re in town.  During that sex session, we knocked off the shampoo rack and it broke.  We laughed but kept fucking.

The locals here are accustomed to tourists so we didn’t stand out.  We didn’t exactly blend in either.  Susan was 62 but looked 42 and I was 27.  Age difference was huge but it didn’t concern us.  We understood each other, we made each other laugh, and of course, the sex was incredible.

We found a shop that sold shampoo racks.  Susan chose one she liked, I bargained for a good deal, and paid for it.

I loved this.  We could go out in public, hold each other, let other people know we were together, and nobody would care.  We could never do this in New York.  I wished we could live here forever, but what would we do for money?  I joked that I could be out here everyday selling flowers and Susan would stay home and clean.  We laughed at the thought.

We walked by a women’s clothing store and she paused to inspect the merchandise.  She felt the fabrics and decided it wasn’t up to her standards.  Only the best for Susan.  I could give her the best.

Stray dogs chased each other through the streets.  I saw a pair of them fucking in an alley as a shop owner chased them away with a broom.  Poor things.  Tonight, Susan and I will do it doggy style in honor of you two.  We would have done it doggy style anyways.  I suddenly had an urge to get home.

We went to a nail salon and while she was getting a manicure, I decided to buy her flowers.  They would go perfectly with the surprise I had for her tonight.  She came out and smiled.

"I love you", she said as she gave me a peck on the cheek.

We nearly passed a men’s underwear shop before Susan grabbed my arm and pulled me in.  She picked out a pair with printed palm trees and monkeys.

"This will look good on you", she said while holding it to my waist.

I smiled.  I wanted to put that on and immediately take it off for her.

We finished up our shopping which included some fish and vegetables for dinner and headed back to my yacht.  I let Susan take the wheel for a while.  After all, it was named after her.

When we got home, I fixed the shampoo rack while she fixed dinner.  We ate outside tonight, on the porch.  Watching the glowing sun slowly fade below the horizon, reflecting off the shimmering water.  We don’t get to see this in the city.  I kept thinking of when I would give her my gift.

After dinner, we decided to relax in the hot tub.  I was already in the tub and pouring champagne into the glasses while Susan was inside changing.  I hid my gift beside the tub.

Heels clicking.  I turned around and saw Susan approaching in a white and blue kimono style robe.  Hair up.  Metallic colored heels on her feet.  Jesus.  She had the best feet I’ve ever seen.  I could make love to them.

She flipped off her shoes, casually untied the sash, removed the kimono, and presented herself to me.

I sat up in the tub.  She had on a very skimpy, two piece, black bikini.  So tight, it looked like it was painted on.  Narrow strips of triangular material barely covered her pokey nipples while a microscopic bikini bottom wedged itself between her firm ass cheeks.  Undeniably sexy.  She had the perfect body for it, slim yet busty.  Definitely not made for women her age as it would probably send their aging husbands to an early grave.  I was not an aging husband and I could handle anything Susan had for me.  In fact, I welcomed it.

She knew I was admiring her so she smiled.  I stood up in the water and held her hand as she stepped into the tub.  She noticed the erection through my trunks and smiled again.  I couldn’t get enough of her.  I was always hard around her.  Just the sound of her voice turned me on.

Today is the last full day on this island and we would leave tomorrow morning.  Then it would be back to reality.  She would be moving to LA and I would stay in New York.  Maybe I should look for a job in California.

We sat down together in the tub, hand in hand, side by side.  Jets of water massaging us underneath.  Bubbles rising and bursting.  Sipping champagne, admiring each other.  It was now the moon’s turn to reflect off the ocean, along with the millions of stars.  Susan caught me gazing up and kissed me.  I kissed back.

"I love you, Susan".

"I love you too".

We embraced.  I loved the feel of her petite body in my arms.  I would hold her, comfort her, protect her.  I reached around her back and searched for the string that held her bikini together.  After several failed attempts, Susan laughed and put down her glass.  She reached behind herself and untied her top.  I saw it loosen and slowly lifted the bikini over her head, freeing her breasts.

They dangled just above the bubbling water and I was staring at them.  Perfect boobs.  I couldn’t resist.  I wanted them in my mouth.  I started sucking them.  Susan held them in her hands, feeding them to me.  She moaned.  I felt her hard nipples pushing at my tongue.  I pushed back.  I loved her taste.

When I had my fill, I released her tits.  I sat back and reached down to remove my trunks.  I placed them beside the tub and stood up in front of her.  My dripping cock inches from her face.

"God, you’re hard", she said with a smile while stroking me lightly with one hand.

"That’s how much I love you", I confessed.  I wouldn’t be this hard for any other woman.

I didn’t want her to suck me.  I just wanted her to see how she made me feel.  Wanted her to see the spell she had on me.

I sat back down and kissed her again.  She reached in the water and pulled at my penis.  The feeling of her hands on my manhood and the warm, bubbly water created an incredible sensation.

"Oh, Susan", I moaned as I started to drift into heaven.

Her arm moved up and down, creating splashes with each motion.  I reached down and untied her bottom.  She wiggled her body as the piece gradually loosened from her butt.  I swiped at it and brought it to the surface.

We were now both naked.  Perfect.  She straddled me and we started kissing.  Soft, sensual kisses.  I felt her body pushing against mine, her cheeks flattening my cock.  She reached down to insert my dick inside but I stopped her.

"I have something for you", I said.

I reached outside the tub for the little box I was hiding.  I brought it up and opened it.

Susan gasped.  It was a ring.  Not an engagement ring, just a ring a man bought for a woman when they were madly in love.

She was speechless as she stared into the huge, four carat ruby.  It was a magnificent purplish pink rock perched on an elegant platinum band.  I knew I wanted it as soon as I walked into Tiffany’s.  It reminded me of Susan.  Beautiful.  Luxurious.  Passionate.  One of a kind.

I took it from the case and slid it on her finger.  Perfect.

She still didn’t say anything as she held up her delicate hand to admire the ring.  I loved that look on her.  The awe.  The amazement.  The emotion.  All of it conveyed on her beautiful face.

She knew it was just a ring.  Nothing else.  We already went over several times why we couldn’t be together.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t be in love.

"I love you", I said.  She seemed to not have heard me.

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek.  She snapped out of her hypnosis and kissed me back.  She was still straddling me so I reached under and slid myself into her.

Tight.  She was always tight.  Riding me slowly.  Very romantic.  Nothing wild yet.  I liked this.  Her hands around the back of my neck, my hands on her waist, just rocking.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

I was completely inside her now.  I glanced down at her breasts.  Her movements gently splashed water towards me.  It was therapeutic.  Relax, contract.  Inhale, exhale.  I felt her breathing on my face.


She didn’t reply.  I felt water at the tip of my penis as it was being pushed inside Susan.  It added to the experience.  Felt so good without a condom.  I thought of the condoms I had brought and how I swore I would use them all.  Turns out, I didn’t use a single one as she decided it was time to take it to the next level.  I wish she told me before I packed them.

Her soft, slick skin melted in my arms.  I put my face in her chest.  My cheeks wet from the water.  Listening to her heart.  Beating faster and faster.

"Susan", I whispered.  My voice muffled by her tits.

She called out my name.  I looked up to see her back arched and head tilted back.  I used my hand to touch her chin.  Then slowly down her neck, between her full breasts, and finally to her tight stomach.

She moaned and straightened back.  More determined now, she started to push harder.  It was pure bliss.  We had made love so many times but never got tired of each other.  We had a connection.  We shared something special.

I loved this position with her straddling me.  It gave her all the control but it gave me access to all her goodies.  All within an arm’s reach.  I gently fondled her breasts.  I reached under the water to squeeze her cheeks.  I felt her thighs and calves at my sides.  I touched the soles of her feet.  I rubbed the sides of her delicious hourglass figure.  I went back to her tits again.  This time, playing with her sensitive nipples.

She whispered my name.  Breathing harder, faster.

I felt her pussy tighten its grip and knew she was close.  So was I.  I loved this part of our sex.  When we were almost there and waiting for the other to make a move.  Both of us in limbo, hanging on to the other like a balancing act.  When one falls, we both fall.

This time, I would fall first.

She wasn’t giving in and I couldn’t take it any longer.  She held my head right in front of hers, forcing me to look at her.  She called my name.  Louder and louder.  Was the water in the tub bubbling from the jets or boiling from the fire of our passion?

"Susan", I called out.

My body spasmed.  I erupted inside her.  Like a volcano but instead of liquid hot magma, it was sticky white cum.  Unloading myself into her glorious femininity.  Shot after shot of my fresh semen entered her body.  Planting my seeds.  Symbol of my love.  Susan graciously accepted them, allowing me to be a part of her.  Making us one.

She kept staring into my eyes, peering into my soul.  As if I was most vulnerable during my orgasm and she was desperately trying to find something I was hiding from her.  I have no secrets, Susan.

"I love you", I told her.  Almost out of breath.

It was now her turn to come.  Her body trembled on top of mine.  Thighs tightening around me like a vice.  Her vagina quivering violently.  Heart racing.  Eyes dilating.  Mouth opened but no sound coming out.  Watching her come was wonderful.  Graceful and feminine.  Elegant and strong.

She closed her eyes and screamed my name.

She gushed her female fluids all over my penis, making sure every square inch was covered.  My cock was being cooked by her womanhood.  That’s how hot she was.  It was agonizing but exhilarating.  Knowing that I can give her this much pleasure was empowering.  Knowing that only I can make her feel this way made me feel invincible.

Susan stopped shaking and her limp body fell on me.  I caught her gently and embraced her.  I caressed her hair.  Kissed her cheek.  We were still breathing hard.

She admired the rock on her finger.

"Thank you", she whispered.

She would have all night to thank me.